Thursday, January 29, 2009

3rd day of CNY

WARNING: The following post is about girl stuff, not suitable for guys. If you still wanna proceed, go ahead...don't say I didn't warn you.

Everything was good when I woke up...breakfast-internet-youtube-walk around the house, as usual, until...I sat down again to chat with GF. While chatting, I felt this really weird sensation around my lower abdomen. Then the sensation turned into that familiar feeling of pain. =S But I just ignored it, thinking that it must have been caused by my abnormal eating habits during CNY. Hah...of all days, my "best friend" decided to pay me a visit! *sigh* I always let my "best friend" get to me. When "she" arrives, I'll feel gloomy & lazy to do whatever that makes me happy during "her" absence.

My family & my aunt's family planned to go to Kulim to visit my cousin so I had no choice but to take a pill after my lunch just in case my "best friend" decides to give me a hard time during the journey. Usually I'd opt not to take any medication because I believe in natural healing. LOL I'd just lie down & have a nap & the pain would just go away. The whole journey to Kulim was a torturous one. Could not sleep in the car + the seatbelts around my waist made the abdominal pain even worse. I just couldn't wait to reach my cousin's place so that I could take a nap on a comfortable bed.

When I finally reached my cousin's place, I heaved a sigh of relief! I come! Good thing I managed to fall asleep for an hour or so & tadah! The pain was nowhere to be 'felt'! I was up & about again, playing with my cousin's kids! =)

*fast forward to evening*

Then came the part where I was in a dilemma again. L invited me to his house gathering at 10pm & we reached Penang at 9:45pm. At first I thought I'd have the guts to drive to his house alone but looking at the massive jam outside my house, I changed my mind. So L said he'd ask F to pick me up but F was nowhere near my house & was also caught in a massive jam. I guess everything was planned after all. As I'm typing this, I think my abdominal pain is coming back. =S Being a girl is so hard sometimes...I wonder how it'd feel like when I'm giving birth. *shudders* Well, thankfully I did not go to L's house, or else I'd be in pain whilst feeling bad if I ask someone to drive me home in the midst of their talking/joking/playing. But on the other hand, I feel a lil down that I was not able to join in the fun since L won't be back the following year & I don't know when I'll see him again.

Better stop typing & go to bed & get some rest. Losing quite a substantial volume of blood here. XP


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