Thursday, July 26, 2007

Women's Rights

Well, something happened to me today...I shall not say what...

But, I'm very sure now that I understand how other women feel when their rights and dignity are violated.

It's like sometimes we do not make it a big deal because we feel that there's no need to complicate things further.

However, when we do not make it an issue, men think that they have the authority and power because they know that we won't do anything and that we are vulnerable.

So...I'm still a bit disturbed but at the same time I sympathise them for they do not how to think with their brains.

It's ok, I shall forgive them...

Women are humans as well ok? Without women, alot of things cannot be achieved as women have the will power most men do not possess.

Oh well, I shall not go on and on about women's strength...=P

All I wanna say is, I'm kinda pissed for not standing up for myself. I should have been more couragous. *sigh* Now I kinda regret but then if I had stood up for myself everyone would be upset. ARRGGGHHHH! I don't know...=S


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