Thursday, July 26, 2007

2nd day of 2nd semester

Had a hard time choosing another elective because the ones that I'm interested in are either full or the time clashes with my other subjects =S

So, I settled for Religions of the Ancient World which the seminar is held in Mawson Lakes campus located FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away from my hostel...*sigh*

It's ok...I think I can take it...if it's too much to bear, I know He'll be by my side, supporting me all the way!

Well, uni was friends to have lunch with, resulting my sleeping on the cafeteria table until my arms were numb @.@

I used to hate bus rides...but now I think I enjoy them. I enjoy watching the world go after house, tree after tree, person after person, it's just so fascinating =))

I'm feeling better...after everything that has happened. Can't believe that my life here is sooooooo "colourful" compared to my life back in Penang. Probably because of the people I got to know. Can't imagine how my life would be if I hadn't met them...hmmm...*thinks*

I've been thinking, have I been listening more or talking more? In nature, I'm a talkative person, yes.

I still remember in Form 5, I sat with one of my best friends, YX, in class and we talked 24/7 until the prefect in front of us got annoyed =P but we didn't care anyway and that prefect kinda got used to it eventually...HAH!

Then sometime after mid-year exams, I started to feel that I needed to listen I did. I thought I didn't play my part good enough. Surprise surprise, when we were about to graduate, YX wrote: "I realised that now you've learnt to listen more and I really appreciate it" in my autograph book. So it did make a difference! I still remember that phrase till today...and I wanna live up to it once again.

Somehow, sometimes I just can't contain whatever I wanna say. I just blurt out everything and anything that's on my mind >.< Then I'll regret for not being patient enough. Now, that's one of the reasons I hate myself sometimes. I shall not elaborate on the other stuff that make me hate myself =S And yes, I shall start learning how to forgive myself...I really need to =)


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