Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dress to impress?

*laughs hysterically*

Nah...never! For me, at least...

I may not be perfect but I' m always me...

So...guess what I did today! I, being so me, went for a walk in Morialta Conservation Park in pyjamas and slippers!! Yep! You guys "heard" that right...pyjamas and slippers! Woohoo~

It's not that I always wear pyjamas everywhere in Penang. In fact I've never really worn pyjamas out, unless I'll be sitting in the car waiting for my parents to do their stuff =D

It was super duper fun...Not caring what people think of you.

For the first time in ages, I could do something as crazy as this. Well, it might not sound crazy to some people but it might be to my friends here. Cause I've been wanting to wear my pyjamas when I go out but many a times, my friends will ask me to go change...hehe~

At first I imagined myself as a mental patient who was on the loose...haha...I have to admit, my pyjamas did look a little like a mental patient's except for the teddies and duckies all over them =P I did get quite a number of stares but I didn't care. I just walked in and admired the greenery around me. It was definitely a sight for sore eyes!! After that I was thinking: What if people think I'm some kind of psycho trying to commit suicide in the park? That thought made me wanna laugh out loud! Yeah right...committing suicide with a phone and room key in one hand. =D

And there's where the saying "There's always a blessing at the end of every wrong turn" comes into the picture. I took the wrong road. Instead of turning right to the first falls, I made a left turn to some muddy and steep road. As I walked up that road, I started panting a little...and then...*speechless* how spectacular the scenery was from up there! I guess that's the "blessing" I got...Wow~

After snapping a few pictures, I turned back and took the road that I should've taken. As I walked further in, the strong wind blew harder and harder on my face, making it so numb I wasn't even sure if my face was still there! >.< Seeing the waterfalls makes me think of a song called "Indescribable". The lyrics go something like this:

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
Creation's revealing Your majesty
From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
Every creature unique in the song that it sings
All exclaiming

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
All powerful, untamable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God


On the way back to my hostel, I started to think again.

Haha~ Thinking...that's what I do best.

Why do people judge you by what you wear? Who made the rule that pyjamas should be worn to bed and office-wear should be worn to work etc. If everyone wears pyjamas to work and office-wear to sleep, then it would be a norm because everyone does it. You get what I mean? Ahh...I don't understand myself either =P Just a thought...Now another question comes to my mind...Why do women wear high heels?! LOL...besides wanting to be taller and to make their butts higher or something (no offence to those wearing heels). I once read in a health magazine that high heels are a form of modern-day feet-binding and I couldn't agree more! We as humans are made to walk on our flat (but arched) feet, why wear high heels that can cause health problems? OK, I know some of you are already thinking: I'm sure you'll wear high heels one day! I'm not completely against it or anything, I'm just curious. Please don't bombard me with negative comments! >.<

Anyway, I feel much much fresher after having a walk with nature. Fresh air....*inhales deeply*

On my way in...

Teddies on my pj's =D

On my way up the wrong road =S

On the way down...


On the way out...*thinks*

That's all guys...one of my boring days =D

Crap, I'm feeling hungry already...hehe~



Anonymous said...

Hey! Next time u wanna go 4 a walk in ur PJs, call me & i'll go with u! I'm only 2 floors away... Must be fun :)


Lin said...

haha~ u serious?! u mean u wanna go in ur pj's too?! =D

wow! i've found my pj's partner!! yeah, it was fun...hehe...everyone thought i was crazy =P

esther said...

going in pjs isn't crazy... =)

"why pjs can't be worn to work and why work-clothes can't be worn to sleep...?"

Clothes are made with diff textures and structures for different places and functions. why do firemen wear what they wear and chefs what they do?

Just my opinion... =)

Lin said...

well, true...

what if the textures are the same (for pyjamas and office-wear) and there's only the style that is diff??

and who actually made the "rule" that which style suits where...

ok then, one day u go with me in pyjamas =D how's that?