Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Had a great time chatting with one of The Famous 4, KT, on msn last night and as usual, we had our girl talk =P

Suddenly she asked what happened to the plan YX and I made since high school about getting a bikini...So I told her that YX got hers already and I, on the other hand, haven't cause I'm scared to wear it already since Adelaide is super duper small I could just bump into anyone I know here >.< And I would not like to bump into anyone while being in a bikini, thank you very much!

What d'ya know?! KT got her bikini already?! o.O shocking! Since she was the most shy among us and she also shocked us by getting attached in college...hehe~ Now I see how much we've changed over the past few years and I think it's a good change.

4 of us, total different personalities...well, not exactly 100% different but you get the drift. We are all so unique in our own ways and because of this difference, we mix together so well I can't even use words to describe. We can talk endlessly during Taekwondo trainings, recesses and hangouts. We could talk about ANYTHING, anything under the sky, anything that your twisted minds can ever think of...

Before I knew JM, I thought I was the only person on Earth who eats the slowest! After I knew her, we were waiting for each other to finish our food =P Awww~ I loved recesses...We can never get enough of each other (The Famous 4). We would run to each others' classes during period breaks to just say something totally pointless.

I always thought I'd never find friends who can click with me because of my weird personality...lol...but I guess opposites attract XD



genieve said...

yes yes darling.

opposites do attract...

Lin said...

hehehe~ ^_*
if u're talking about friends, i agree...
but if u're talking about guy/girl friendship i don't really think so =S

esther said...

HAHA... agreed Genieve.. totally..=)