Friday, August 03, 2007

Part 1

During winter holidays, I read this book entitled "10 Commandments of Dating" and although never been attached or experienced any kind of love other than family love and friendships, I think it was a useful guide to searching my life partner...haha~

Just to share with my friends what I've read =P

I once came this phrase from a friend's kind of goes like this:
I dream that one day when my kid asks me who my first love is, I would be able to point across the living room and answer "there he is, sitting over there" to my kid.

Isn't that the most romantic thing ever?! =P Marrying your first love...or first boyfriend, whichever that applies to you.

Anyway, the 1st commandment is Thou shalt get a life.

By getting a life, it simply means that not being dependent on your girl/guy (whichever applies to you) 24/7. You should allow each other to have time for themselves. People who don't have a life will feel empty or insecure when he/she is not around their partner. Also, people who don't have a life would constantly call/msg their partner to know their whereabouts because they're afraid that they might cheat on them or that they're just simply possessive.

The 1st thing of getting a life is Get Grounded.

Embrace the fact that you are created in the image of God and have worth and value simply because you were born.

This value is unchanging and complete.

Worth, based on being in the image of God, does not fluctuate; it does not change regardless of your personality, performance, or possessions because it's based on the immutable character of God.

We are stamped with His image.

Since you are stamped with the image of the Priceless One, you are also priceless. That is self-worth. Accepting this is the key to be grounded.

Enough for today...I think today's "lesson" kind of reminded myself of my self-worth =) At times I tend to think too lowly of myself, which is not good at all...and also I shall learn how to forgive myself.

(to be continued)


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genieve said...

very very true..

some should just "get a life"