Saturday, July 21, 2007


Woke up today, feeling a pang of sadness come over me...

I'm not sure why I felt that way. but I think it's caused by several reasons:

  1. J came knocking on my door, bidding her goodbye because she's leaving today
  2. Received an sms from my best friend, N, since Form2 saying that she dreamt of me and because she misses me so much
  3. I came online and the first song I listened to was that song...
  4. Classes are resuming next week and I haven't gotten enough of the holidays
Reason no.1 was a little illogical but still I think humans are like that, when we spend time with certain people most of our waking time...when it comes to the time to separate...somehow you'll have this strange feeling of sadness. Or I'm just being too emotional?

I wanted to hug N tightly and tell her that she'll always be my best friend so badly! I still remember in Form3, we kind of had an argument over something really really stupid (I can't remember what) and we were giving each other the cold shoulder. However, I guess friendship wins over pride. Both of us decided to send each other an e-mail to apologise. And you know how people used to say "sorry seems to be the hardest word"? Well, we did it! We made this promise to stay as best friends even though we're old, married and have grandchildren ^_^ and so I replied her sms telling her that we must always keep in touch no matter how far apart we may be. *sniff* OMG! I just realised I still have that e-mail N sent me!! Awww~ This is a part she wrote:

'ee lin' i say please stay
give our 'friendship' a chance for one more day
we'll try to work things out
taking time is what 'friendship's' all about

I know you don't read my blog, busy preparing for STPM and all...but IF you ever come across this post, I'm sorry I get on your nerves sometimes too =P Can't wait to see you at the end of the year!! I'll strive here...while you strive back home! ;) Let's watch ALL the movies released in the cinemas, scaring the shit out of ourselves, laughing like nobody's business and crying like our dog just died XD

Talking about N reminds me of a naughty thing we did =P Luckily there weren't any 'casualties'. One time we were in the cinema watching this horror movie and suddenly I got a msg from this unknown person asking "me" where i was and that "she" missed "me" something like that...and she sounded like she's some naggy girlfriend or some sort so I replied "I'm sorry to tell you but I wanna break up with you" >.<

Reason no.3, 我实在不明白我自己,明明一切已经没事了,怎么一醒来就去听那首歌曲?一旦喜欢上一个人,就难以自拔的我,已经浪费我中学时光在一个不喜欢我的人的身上。这次,我学聪明了,不再浪费时间和精神在这样的人的身上。但是,明明已经告诉自己不要再胡思乱想,却每次听xx语的歌曲,脑海就情不自禁的想起他来。


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