Friday, August 10, 2012

That fleeting moment when...

....the thing that has been bothering you for weeks have been lifted and all you feel is joy! LOL If there's a prize for rotten judgement I guess I've already won it. You proved me wrong, that's why it's so easy to just let go and move on. Whoa! And...because of that I thank you for giving me the opportunity to open my eyes to the things that are more meaningful.

From now on, blog, I'll blog about happy/positive things! Emo posts begone!

Another week and I'm out of that tiring workplace! Can't wait...all this work is taking its toll on me - not good.

It's almost 1am *gasps* Time for bed. My comfy bed, here I comeeeee!

P.S.: I know, this post is just so random and jumbled up. A proper post soon.


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