Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 is full of... problems so far.

*WARNING: girl stuff up ahead, don't say I didn't warn you. It is not too late to click close*

I don't remember feeling sick all the time. It's funny how all my health problems seem to disappear when I went to Adelaide. Probably all the walking and healthy lifestyle/diet helped. Even those annoying once-a-month cramps were gone. When I came back to Malaysia for good in 2011, everything just came back...reminding me of the pain and the discomfort. *SIGH* I love being a girl...but this is just too much to bear. It feels like labour pain, I think, except labour pain is a few more times worse than this.

Woke up feeling crap today. Had a few mouthfuls of pumpkin kuih with chilli sauce and my throat felt sore. Gah...I knew something was up. I can read my body symptoms so well I knew what was coming but was secretly hoping that I was wrong. Felt lethargic so I went to sleep after my late lunch. Woke up and my prediction was confirmed. Then....I felt like dying because of the pain so I wrapped myself in my comforter with the fan full on and woke up at 9pm to have my dinner.

And now...I'm sitting here typing this because I simply need to rant and I realise that I can't really find someone to rant because it's just so unimportant. lol. And my current guy friend is just not a suitable candidate.

*From this point onwards, no more girly stuff.*

Oh how unhealthy my lifestyle in Penang is. Waking up at irregular times, having afternoon naps that interfere with the quality of sleep at night, having meals at irregular times, eating unhealthy hawker/processed food, driving to places instead of walking etc. I've been trying to sleep early but why is it so difficult to?! Could it be the fact that it's simply too happening. Friends are everywhere. I'm guessing my pimple breakout has got to do with my lifestyle and work too. Seriously looking forward to the day when my skin would look like how it looked like 2 years ago. Back then I thought my skin was terrible until now...hmmm...that's why they say, humans are never satisfied with what they have until they lose it. Oh, so true!

On another totally unrelated note, just found out the FIRST guy I ever had a crush on in pre-school is married! I'm waiting to see which other guys I used to have a crush on are getting married. lol. It scares me how time flies. I was so eager to grow up, just for A to see that I'm not a little girl. But...I guess to A, I'll forever be a little girl. Now that I'm all grown up, I wish I could turn back time. I want to be that carefree and happy girl I used to be. It's true that the number of times we laugh decreases as we age, with too much to worry/think about. I just got to keep reminding myself that we grow old because we stop laughing. After all, laughing is the best medicine, right? RIGHT.

Year 1991 

Year 1992

Year 2007

Need to keep reminding myself to laugh, regardless of the circumstance I'm in. 



Terrence Tay said...

if there's like button. i would hit it

CY said...

you looked soooo adorable when you were young. the trademark smile is still there =) keep smiling no matter what! =D

Lin said...

Terrence: Haha...thanks! =)

CY: Awwww...thanks! I will!!! you too, ok?! ;)