Saturday, July 10, 2010

So near yet so far

If you read my previous post, you would know by now that I have a major crush on this guy called Kurt. The thing is we do not know each other. Uh huh. I know it sounds totally insane but I feel so sad that he hasn't approved my friend request on Facebook! I saw him appear on my news feed this morning - "Kurt is now friends with ____ & 10 others." o.O I'm probably buried under 100s or 1000s of friend requests... Oh well...

But...for the past few days, I've been checking out his friend, Sam, on YouTube and his myspace page. On first look, you'll find that he's not cute but as you see him sing/act, there's this something about him that makes you feel attracted to him. Charm, maybe? LOL Kurt, Sam & many others are filming a movie called College Musical this winter (their summer) and are asking on Facebook if anyone wants to help out or simply be an extra. *SIGH* Hence, the post title. If only I could fly myself to the US, not worry about my thesis...I sooo wanna be a part of their movie production! I'm sure it would be an awesome experience & at the same time I'd get to fulfill my dream of becoming an extra. XD

I've been listening to the songs covered by Sam (produced by Kurt) 24/7, when I'm doing my thesis. almost feels like he's singing right next to me. *slaps self* Wake up already!

This is a video of Kurt playing "Baby" on the recorder. He produces all his videos on YouTube. He occasionally appears in videos with Sam & his other friends, playing musical instruments and/or being vocal backups [gosh, is there even such a word - vocal backup].

This is Sam & his clones...LOL (produced by Kurt) Totally LOVE this cover of "Don't stop believing"! Enjoy!


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