Thursday, July 08, 2010

Reality sinks in

Hello world!

As much as I'd like to blog more often...I'm afraid I can't promise that. I just met up with my supervisor today & apparently I've got HEAPS of stuff to change in my research proposal (starting to regret procrastinating at the beginning of the year!). My winter break will not be much of a break for me & I guess it's a good opportunity to get as much things done as soon as possible, rather than to leave them till the last min (which I usually do, but NOT this time).

Oh, before I forget...I'm having this MAJOR crush on this guy called Kurt Schneider. He's a YouTube sensation due to his productions! He's intelligent (majors in math at Yale), creative (produces unique music videos) and cute!!!! perfect is that! And he's the same age as I am. *swoons* Been obssessed with him for weeks! Go check out his vidoes on YouTube! Hehe...

Will talk to you guys soon. =)