Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homeless guy (?)

There's this guy who wanders around the neighbourhood, asking for 3 dollars (yeah, exactly 3 dollars). He's scruffy, dresses like he changes once a week & he smokes! I guess if he has money to buy cigarettes, he's not THAT in need, right? At least to me, the fact that he smokes can never convince me to give him money.

But of course, based on my observation, he does not really need money. First of all, he goes around asking for 3 dollars. Like...a poor person who needs money to buy food/to survive would ask for a specific amount. If I were in need, I'd be soooo grateful if someone actually gives me a dollar! The first time he came up to me (or us, rather - was waiting for the bus with J), he said he needed 3 dollars to buy his mother milk. =S Huh? When J & I said we did not have any small change, he quickly gave up & left though he did look frustrated.

Secondly, as I was walking to the bus stop yesterday, he approached me again. I'm guessing he couldn't remember that he had approached me before. He asked me, "Do you have 3 dollars?" I was kind of blur, so I looked at him with this blank look. He continued, "...for the bus". Hah! First, to buy milk for his mother, now for the bus?! Immediately I said, "Sorry, I don't have any coins". Again, he looked annoyed & left.

He doesn't even need 3 dollars to buy a bus ticket! Also...there are loads of people here who go around asking for money as if they are really in need but in actual fact, they use the money people give to buy cigarettes. One of my friends actually gave a guy some money because he said he needed to buy a bus ticket (I think...can't remember what for). Guess what, right in front of her eyes, that guy went to buy cigarettes! Wtf. >( No way I'm going to contribute to the tobacco industry! Besides, he has legs & arms & is perfectly mobile. He can find a job if he really needs money.

Hmph...this guy actually scared the sh*t out of me once! I was standing quite a distance from the top of a very small flight of stairs just daydreaming, watching the cars go by. Suddenly a voice calling "excuse me...excuse me...." was heard! I turned around but could not see anyone. o.O Then, his head came into view as he was coming up that flight of stairs. Till this day I don't know why I did what I did but I turned around & actually RAN for my life towards the opposite direction! Even after reaching my unit safely, my heart was still pounding so hard against my chest!!

Then a week later, one of my friends who was staying in the same neighbourhood asked me to be careful as there's this guy who goes around asking for money. She asked me not to freak out. But it was too late! LOL I already freaked out! OMG. Anyway, I still think he's too lazy to earn himself money. What do you think?


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