Thursday, August 27, 2009


...I've been feeling like a pregnant woman. Literally. I've been eating non-stop every day even though I'm not hungry. I keep craving for junk food & I can never get enough! Good thing I don't really have junk food at home so I just pig away on whatever I have. Well, at first it was the time of the month but it's over now. =S Also, I've become a person of few words. Most of the time I try not to open my mouth to talk because I'm just not in the mood to. =(
On another note, I'm hooked to a song sung by 神目与瞳. I've been listening to it on repeat for 24 hours...I just love love love the duet effect & the sadness of the song. I heard KT sing it a few times during our karaoke sessions & I kept forgetting the name of the artist but I stumbled upon it a few days ago.

This is the video...nothing much about the video but listen to the song!!



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