Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy endings

Read a blog post on happy endings on E's blog a few days ago & she mentioned that we are entitled to our own happy ending. She gave an example, saying that if Snow White's prince never appeared & kissed her, the story could have a different happy ending such as 'Snow White being awakened by the "dawrves' heartfelt & sorrowful tears" which splattered on her beautiful porcelain face'.

I totally agree with her that we are entitled to our own happy ending. Besides, whether an ending is happy or not is a very subjective thing. Because my happy ending may not be someone else's ending & vice versa. Therefore, many a times when I say that I believe in happy endings, it does not mean that I believe in those of fairy tales. What I actually mean is, I believe that I will have a happy ending because I believe in it. My very own happy ending.

Did you know that, in actual fact, fairy tales never had happy endings? The original versions of fairy tales had gruesome endings & depending on subjective perception, there is a lesson at the end of each tale. Of course, there are different versions of the fairy tales, just not-too-happy ones. Endings of fairy tales had to be modified to make sure kids are happy, not horrified. I find it really fascinating that even fairy tales are so realistic. I used to question about the happy endings...I thought, "why is it that every fairy tale ends with 'and they lived happily ever after'?" Somehow I'm hoping that the original versions would make it onto the big screens. LOL If you don't know me yet, yes, I have a really morbid & twisted mind. =)

After reading E's blog, I went to take a shower & a random thought crossed my mind. Usually, little girls are exposed to fairy tales but what if I have sons but no daughters (that is if I ever get married & have kids) in the future? What would my young boys get out from those fairy tales? That they should go seek their princess & give them a happily-ever-after ending? Hmmm...

In another version of Cinderella, Cinderella's stepsisters actually sliced off their toes in order to fit into the glass slipper! Cool eh?! LOL That desparate to marry the prince...tsk tsk tsk. XD

So, that's the thought of the day...LOL

If you have time, go read these articles for other versions of fairy-tale endings! Woo! =D

Original versions of classic fairy tales
More original versions of classic fairy tales

p/s: Oh, this reminds me of Avril's song "So much for my happy ending...o-oh...o-oh..."



Maree said...

i guess every girl do dream of their own happy fairy tale endings :) but i've somehow left that part to my dreams...i don't really believe in a real life happy ever after anymore...

Lin said...

I forgot to mention that the term "happy endings" does not mean that a guy would come & sweep us off our feet. If i end up being single, I can still have my very own happy ending. =)

& I still strongly believe in that. ;)

Maree said...

Prince charming or not...I guess I don't really believe in it anymore :)

Lin said...

Huh?! Y so pessimistic (or realistic)? =S

Maree said...


Lin said...


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