Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Very very quick update =D

Since I'm taking a short break from my Advanced Research Methods assignment, I'd just type a quick update.

Most of you may not know this: I used to keep a collection of wedding dresses in my computer, just simply because I love to admire them! & when my cousin sister got married, I was looking for wedding gowns too, sorta to help her get an idea of what she wants in a dress. So while searching, I saved quite a few too. But due to this stupid computer repair man (because I told him to not do anything before letting me know what the problem with the computer is) who deleted ALL my files from the computer, I lost ALL my pics, from 2004 up till 2006! I felt devastated...it felt like all my memories have been erased. Pictures from my high school graduation were gone too! Argh! Anyway, back to the topic. Yeah...so my wedding gown pics were deleted too (obviously).

Yesterday, while talking to GF on skype during dinner time, I had a sudden urge to look for wedding gowns online (or it could just be an excuse for not doing assignment =P). I came across 2 gowns that were quite simple & elegant, so I sent her th URLs & asked her to go have a look. This was how our conversation went:-

Me: Wei! I sent you a link...go check the dress out!
GF: OK OK...hmm...this one not bad. The model also quite flat-chested ma...so I think it wouldn't be a problem for you la to wear strapless dresses.
Me: What flat-chested?! The model is NOT flat-chested OK?!

*fast forward*
I sent her the 2nd link & asked her to go have a look.

GF: Erm...aiya, later I see la...I'm eating!
Me: Eeyer!! Why you like that wan?! Help me choose wedding dresses also don't want!
GF: ROTFL Wah...if really your wedding, I don't care if I'm eating lo, I sure help you choose wan! But this...LOL...Please la..not even your wedding! Choose what choose huh?!
Me: =.= I hate you!! Ish!

Can't remember word for word la, but I think that's about what we actually said. ROTFL We're always so random.

Oh..& we proceeded to imagine scenes of us going to pick out wedding dresses when my husband-to-be happens to be busy with his work. XD Damn funny...This is how we imagine it:

(H is my husband)
H: Hey darling, sorry I'm hooked up with some business at work. Is it OK if you go pick the wedding dress yourself? I'm so sorry.
Me: Oh! Busy?! No no no no...it's fine! I'll just go pick out the dress with GF! Have fun at work!

(calles GF)
Me: Wei!!!! H is busy at work! Let's go shop for wedding dresses!!!


This is a totally random post. Now you see what assignments can do to a poor girl. T_T Help!! I hate assignments!



Hean said...

It's time for you to invest in a 1TB hard drive. :D For backups, movies, series, photos and important files.

It's also time for you to find another repair guy. hahaha

Lin said...

o.O that was fast!
i dun get it..what's 1TB? is it like tetra byte or something. LOL

yeah, i should. =D

Anonymous said...

I also said "choose what choose huh?? WAIT LA!!" XD


Lin said...

ROTFL sorry lo!! my memory not good ma! XD

rhi said...

haha..funny you..
i wanna see you in wedding dress!! XD

Lin said...

LOL b patient...i'll show u when d time comes. =P

jennifer said...

LOL how interestingly random!!!

Lin said...

u're also quite random urself. finally visit the blogosphere after disappearing for so long. LOL

esther said...

Hahahhaa!!! Funny la u! U must really bate assignments!

Lin said...

lol...u mean "hate". =S