Saturday, May 23, 2009

Will be back after 5th of June!

*SIGH* (I know L will scold me for sighing because according to him, sighing takes away all the happiness. LOL)

I've been really really busy lately with assignments (I hate them!!)...can't wait to finish them & start studying. =(

I have lots to blog about but haven't gotten the time/mood to do it. So I'll do it after I've submitted ALL my assignments.

Just so you know.



Cavalock said...

take it easy <^;^>

Lin said...

o.O LOL took me by surprise there! aren't u the one who also comments on dilutedmagnetics' blog?

Cavalock said...

yup! u got a cool blog. good luck in yr studies!

Lin said...

thanks! u finding a job, i guess. ;)