Saturday, May 02, 2009

Not creative

I must admit that though I proclaim myself as a creative person, I might not be creative in certain aspects, eg. coming up with a post title. LOL

Hehehe...I'm so happy I feel like droplets of happiness are raining down on me! XD Ermm...I don't know where to start. My thoughts are all over the place.

This issue had been lingering on my mind for almost 3 weeks now since that incident & every time I think of it, I'd experience palpitations & sweaty palms (or they could be due to a combination of factors, such as meeting deadlines etc.). LOL

Anyway, at the end of March, I was chatting with my HK classmate, A, on MSN. I owed her AUD191 for textbooks because I forgot to transfer money into my freedom account. =S Usually I'd return my friends their money via online transaction if it's a big amount because the thought of carrying a lot of cash in my wallet kind of scares me. So I asked for her account no. through MSN, which I've done a million times! I copied & pasted the account no. in the blank space that says "Payee's Account Number" & hit the Transfer button. Done! Or at least that was what I thought. =S

A few days later (beginning of April), A said that she hasn't received the transaction. o.O WHAT?! How is that possible?! After checking with her the account no. once again, she said that wasn't her account no.!! Then whose account the hell did I transfer the money to?! Ahhhhh! AUD191 is not a small amount of money! It's like almost RM500! =.= I had to rush to the city, run back & forth between BankSA & Commonwealth Bank (A's bank), desparate to find a solution to the problem! Finally a staff at BankSA was really helpful, she helped me call the Internet Banking staff to explain my situation. When she passed the phone to me, the Internet Banking staff told me that it would take 4-6 weeks for the transaction to occur.

=P Today, I had a sudden compulsion to check how much I have left in my freedom student account & confusion came over me when I saw that the amount was more than it should be...because...obviously, I've been spending money from that account. =S A click on the Transaction History button & I swore that I heard happy music playing in the background as if my life had a soundtrack! XD That 3 digits I've been waiting for for the past 1 month! AUD191! I was just talking to A yesterday about it & she told me to call up the Internet Banking staff to give them a push. I guess I don't have to now! Ahhh...Thank You, Lord! ^^ It seems like I didn't have to worry after all.

Today's 2nd of May...oh my how time flies! 3 more days to the much-dreaded day. Yest at OCF when K asked me what my birthday wish was, the only thought that came to mind was "going home". So I said "My wish would be being able to teleport myself home whenever I want". When J asked me what I'm planning for my birthday, I simply said "no plans", & she didn't believe me when I said that my 21st birthday is not a big deal. *sigh* Well, to be honest, it used to be. But came too soon & at the wrong time too, when all my work is piling up. =(

Being my usual self, I love to think. While taking my shower a few days ago, I suddenly had a thought. How nice would it be if I could just disappear from the face of the Earth for one day (or maybe a few days)! If i had vanished into thin air, would anyone notice? Would anyone be thinking of me? Would anyone be bothering to look for me? Hmmm...I would love to try that one day, being able to just be in my own world. *dreams*

Did I mention that today's weather is just great?! It's so sunny! Ah...the sun makes me happy. =D Please please let this be the end of rainy + gloomy days.

Reminder to self: Make the most out of the days you're here! Appreciate your friends here because they play a big part of your life here too! =)

Hmm, this is rather a wordy post. LOL oh well, I'll end this post with a picture I took last November when I had lunch at Pancake House with J2. Was drinking my banana malt shake when this appeared on the inside rim of the glass. When I showed this to J2, she said, "It could be a sign!" XP

Could this be a sign? XP

Me eating yiros at Glenelg in Sept 2007
(When I still had super long & flat hair...hehe)

KT & I camwhoring in her room (or rather on her bed) in Nov 2008

p/s: I know...after so long, finally a happy post! =D



Mockingbird said...

Smashing :D

it seems that the Aussies are generally more creative than the Asians. That's why in every advertising agency, the key people are usually Caucasians :)

Asians are known to be more hard-working than other races.

Every people has its strengths and weaknesses :)

Lin said...

wow! what a surprise! LOL since u kinda disappeared from the blogosphere! XP

what's smashing? my post? or the fact that i got my money back? lol.

yeah, but I guess Asians are creative in other ways. =)