Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I know...

...I've been updating my blog so often lately.

I guess because lately I've been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. LOL

Today's weather is just perfect although still chilly. At least the sun has finally decided to show itself.

Assignment is in good progress too I must say because I keep scaring myself with other deadlines & so I'm forced to just type & type although I haven't organised my thoughts well. I can always modify my essay when I'm done. =)

This friend of mine, who is totally pro-Korean has recommended my friends & I heaps of Korean songs. I must say that they're really good & I'm hooked to many of them. Even play them repeatedly every day. A few days ago I was totally unmotivated to do anything, so I learnt how to sing part of a Korean song. XD

For the past few days, I really wanna thank God that He has blessed me with so much in life! Although sometimes I feel like giving up, He's just this little voice in me that tells me that I can do it & that everything will be OK because nothing can ever happen to me without His permission. He also blessed me with good friends whom I can talk to when I'm in need, friends who don't pass judgments. Since first year of uni, He has blessed me with E in my life. It must be His plan to have her in my life, because she's a great sister in Christ! Thanks to her, I renewed my faith. How I miss the days in Hosanna...when we would pray for each other, especially during exam period.

Ah..I have too much on my mind & I'm not really good with words so I'll leave this post as it is. =)

This is the song I'm totally addicted to.

Though the tune sounds so happy & lively, the lyrics is a bit sad...kinda. Enjoy!



HuiSien said...

im addicted to last farewell :D b to the i to the bang bang

haha has ur friend showed u snsd and suju? it's becoming a global craze (among m'sian lifeless teens like us :p)

Lin said...

WOW! that was fast! LOL yeah...i've heard snsd but not suju. XD he's gonna recommend 1 song per day. hahaha~ do u listen to epik high? he loves them!

esther said...

Is E me?? I'm so flattered! Anyway, I really miss those times too.. Wished I could go back there for awhile:)