Monday, April 27, 2009

What can get more depressing than this?

My birthday is just around the corner but I totally dread it. I guess I'm just being in denial to the fact that I'm turning 21 & also because I've been disappointed with my birthday every year. So in order to not face any more disappointment, I shall just not celebrate it. =) Guys, I know many of you are reading this, I do not want anything for my birthday because you know I'm not looking for presents, I just want a meaningful birthday with people who mean something to me. I got this in my e-mail & I wish I could just teleport myself home this instant! Miss watching movies in the cinema back home. =(

A free movie ticket as a birthday present



Jen Min said...

Oh seeing this GSC screenshot is soooo sad la!!!! I miss home!!!!!!!!!

Lin said...

I know =( Me toooo!! But you're going home soon. =)