Saturday, April 25, 2009

My wish

Sometimes, I just wish I had a sister studying in Adelaide with me. Well, not church sisters kinda sisters....but biological sisters.


Come to think of it, I have quite a number of friends here who also have sisters here with them. M & G, KT & KR and P & C (well, that's like bro & sis...but still!).

I'm really good friends with M& G and KT & KR. So I kinda go out with them a lot. Somehow I can't help but feel a little...I don't know...sad?

Ever since I moved out from Hosanna in my 2nd year of uni, I've learnt to not depend on people whenever I feel like it. Whenever I feel like life is meaningless & feel like crying, I either suck it up & move on with life OR I just cry the hell out of myself and then move on with life...all on my own.

Those were the days when I felt like the world has come to an end, I'd go to my hostel mates' rooms to forget all the negative thoughts, knowing that I'm not the only one going through all these. Of course I miss E the most. She was the 1st person I got to really know in Hosanna. We did almost everything together. We had supper together, meals, movie nights, even had our fair share of guy problems. Every day after class, I'd feel happy going "home", knowing everybody's there. I also miss those times when we had bible study on Sunday nights.

Many a times, I try asking God if I'm taking the path He wants to me take. I don't know...maybe I don't pay attention enough, somehow I still don't have the answers. But if He brings me to it, He'll bring me through it, right? So why does it feel so shitty right now? Even a rainy day makes me feel like snuggling under my blanket all day & cry.

p/s: Just called S to talk...feeling better now! Love being a girl! =P Thanks for talking to me although you were studying!! *hugs*



Prissy said...

You are being loved Sweetie! Hugz!!

Lin said...

Thank you! *sniff* =')

Jen Min said...

WOW!! and i thought i was the only one who wonders if I'm on the path God ordained for me. And that if I am, He must bring me through it right? and get that degree... It's actually quite comforting to know that God will bring us through life here and our degrees :)

Jen Min said...

OH, I also wish very very much that my sister and I were studying together, not one on North West and another in South East :(

Lin said...

LOL well, u'll be surprised that many a times we think that we're the only ones but we're not alone. =)

I guess if this is not the path that He wants me to take, surely He'll open another door for me.

Haha...yeah, I can feel your agony...I think. *hugs*

S said...

heyhey, i'm the S lol...
hmm, i understand how you feel..cuz i feel the same some of the times too!
lately i've been kinda depressed cuz i din do so well for my prac assessment in the first term, i feel really frustrated at myself! why am i so dumb?
summore the workload is piling am i gonna to cope with all these? :'(

Lin said...

Hey S!
awww...i also know how u feel cause when i first came all my grades weren't great. had to adapt to the system here & all.
slowly...i'm sure u'll adapt to it in no time! ;)
jia you!
i'm always a phone call away! hehe...