Thursday, April 23, 2009

My latest obsession

Ahhhh! I feel like a high school student all over again! =P After KT intro-ed to me this korean version of Meteor Garden, I totally got hooked to it! The guys (except for 1) are soooooooo cute! & I thought I was over all these korean craze. Boy, I was wrong. I can never grow out of it! Oh yeah, it's called Boys Over Flowers / Boys Before Flowers. So far, the korean version is the best! =P

I've only watched like 3 episodes because I dare not download too much in case my internet quota finishes before end of the month! Plus, I have work to do so I can't possibly get myself MORE hooked to it! *sigh* Gonna get the complete series from a friend who has it! But...=( Don't think I'll watch it until I finish all my assignments at the end of May.

p/s: If only high school was this happening! *screams* LOL

Here's some eye candy! ;P

Not forgetting the soundtrack! It's called Because I'm Stupid. I've been playing this song for over a 100 times in a day! The song is just so's sung by the guy on the far right in the pic above & his group. =)

He's the guy in the middle in the video!


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