Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Quickie

Hello guys & girls!

I'm finally back in the blogosphere! You'll never imagine how happy Jenn & I were when we finally got our internet connection yesterday! OMG...never knew we were so dependent on the internet until we were deprived of it. o.O

So what have I learnt for the past week?

I've learnt that:
  • It isn't easy staying outside by your own
  • The quality of customer service here in Australia is somewhat similar (or SLIGHTLY better) than in Malaysia
  • Internet is so important for us to keep in touch with people, especially family & friends
  • Patience is very much needed when facing frustrating situations
  • Everything happens for a reason
I was just so thrilled, the first thing that came into my mind was to talk to mommy! LOL Funny thing is, I also realised in the past week that I talk to mom alot at home. Back in Penang, I'd walk into the kitchen where mom would be cooking/washing dishes & start yakking away whatever I had to say & then walk out of the kitchen. I almost forgot that dad comes home early from work every Wed. So yayy! I got to talk to dad & mommy at the same time!

So I was complaining to dad about how bad the customer service was regarding our phone line. The conversation below took place:-

Me: OMG, know, I always thought customer service overseas would be wayyy better than Malaysia...yadda yadda yadda...aiyo! Mana tau, they transfer you to this guy, then that guy, then this...blah blah the end the problem is still not solved! Then, we had to waste our mobile phone credit calling & calling...yadda yadda yadda...
Dad: *speechless* *laughs* Erm...I don't know what to say.
Me: No need to say anything, just listen can adee.
Dad: *laughs* That was what I've been experiencing all these years lo...People here also transfer you here & there. Takes ages to settle a matter.
Me: Really?! Hmm...I guess so. But at least you have the financial status to pay for bills & stuff. I'm only a poor student, having to pay for credit. Argh!
Dad: Haha...Welcome to the real world!
Me: Oh...I feel so welcomed!

Personally, I think that conversation was really funny. So now I've experienced what staying outside alone is like. =S Believe it or not, I think I've told Sue this before - Evertime I do my laundry/cooking, I'll think of mommy; when I have problems with the lights/heavy things, I'll think of dad. XD

On another note, I can't seem to get into the full swing of starting my assignment yet. Argh! I know that the deadline is drawing nearer & nearer but I just simply do not have the motivation to start. OMG!

p/s: Really missing everyone back home! I'm not saying it for the sake of saying it. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart! =)



queenlyd said...

hey i totally understand ur situation. my internet and phone went down as well. got two technicians to come over before they could fix it. (had to drill a hole into my wall sumore!) and it took more than a week to fix. -_-

Sue said...

yaya, you've told me that before...
and my case is abt the same as urs, it just that everytime i wash the dishes, i'll think of my dad =P
whenever i want to fix the bedsheet and stuff i will think of him too..hehe!

rhi said...

ur dad is cute XDXDXD just like you, ur family are always cheerful XD
so sue's dad washes the dishes and fixes the bedsheet? XD haha.
my dad cooks =P

Lin said...

queenlyd: wow! so were u charged?? cause for us i think we have to pay AUD105 =.=

sue: =) oh

Lin said...

rhi: eh? how come i didn't see ur comment when i replied? hmm...
lol...thanks, ull let him know XP thank u for the compliments. LOL
my dad fishes...we never had to buy fish. =D

Maree said...

nothing like the deprivation of internet to make you learn some lessons in life huh?hahaha!i miss you so much!!!hugs

Lin said...

haha...yeah, that's y i say everything happens for a reason. LOL i miss U too!!!!! *hugs* i'll e-mail u soon k?? PATIENT! XD

Maree said...

hahaha!i will try to be...but i'm always impatient :P

queenlyd said...

no i didnt pay any money.. just a lot of inconveniences.. and now i just got my phone bill and realised they charged me for transfering calls too .. so will have to find a day to call them to complain, which is gonna be hard, considering i have uni every day during their working hours.
why did u have to pay? was it the first time the house had a telephone connection there?

Lin said...

maree: must try!! cause i'm gonna take very long =P

lyd: oh...actually i'm not too sure if we have to pay lo...cause the person mentioned something about paying but we haven't paid so far n we're not sure if they're gonna charge us in our next telephone bill or something =S no, we moved so we relocated the phone line.

queenlyd said...

i think maybe they said that if the problem was your own equipment, then you'll need to pay the technician cost. but since it wasnt, u dun have to pay gua.