Thursday, November 06, 2008

What I eat when I'm doing revision

Studying lecture slides
(It enhances my memory on things that I've studied! It works!)

A slice of choc chip & apricot cake

Let me elaborate more on the cake. LOL I feel so loved these few days =P Yesterday I stayed back at uni to study with J until 9:30pm & at about 7:30pm, my coursemate/classmate sms-ed me to ask if I was still at uni cause she bought me "yum yum" cake (according to her) to keep me awake while studying! How thoughtful is that?! =)) & indeed they were yummy! I didn't finish them yesterday, so I ate the remaining piece today as a dessert for lunch. I think I'm starting to get influenced by Lunch is Served. She blogs about what she has for lunch & the stories that go with it. Got me hooked. XP

A tuna sandwich with cheese & a tall Long Black from Hudson's



hun hao said...

yoyo... so lucky of u to have such nice frens. i don... hahaha...
anyways, good luck for exams... and i see u soon? ..... mayb not, wahaha...

Lin said...

o.O eh? so surprised to see ur comment! =)
lol..yeah, i am.
thanks...u finished ur exams d right? =S
well, see u back in pg lo...haha~

jennifer said...

wah!! you bought a long BLACK!?
omg how did it taste like!! never knew you could drink black coffee yuck lol

Lin said...

ROTFL well, i didn't know what a long black was =S & I couldn't drink it. i added sugar n milk when i got home. XD