Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I do when I'm stressed 2

At times like this, I always need a good laugh. Was thinking of blogging to relieve stress & I found this cartoon. ROTFL Now, don't you feel it reflects most of us during exams? =P

I have nothing to update, really. Oh, except for the fact that I haven't stepped out of the house for 2 days in a row =.= I think I'mma go out later to get some fresh air!

Another 2 more weeks...yes, it ain't that faraway! >.<



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Mockingbird said...

when i'm stressed, i sleep my stress off :p

But can't do that for exam stress lah, of coz :p

Lin said...

LOL i would very much wish to do that...BUT the thing is, i have an overactive mind, if i sleep during the day when i'm studying, i'll end up dreaming/thinking about the facts that i've studied, resulting in a very disturbed sleep & it makes me tired when i get up. in fact, i love sleeping so much that once i sleep, i find it hard to wake up...so i'd rather not. ='(

Mockingbird said...

Your hard work in preparing for your exams will definitely pay off :)

Maree said...

lol!!i get wat u mean,sometimes u're nt even sure if u're asleep or juz lying down with ur eyes closed and going thru the stuff in ur head...i even feel guilty for sleeping way after my alarm rang..haha...