Monday, November 03, 2008


OMG! I just can't believe it!!

A moment ago, I was studying...feeling lazy, eyelids about to close when suddenly my mobile phone rang with Britney Spear's song Autumn Goodbye..."I NEVER PROMISED YOU A HAPPY ENDING, U NEVER SAID U WOULDN'T MAKE ME CRY..." You get the drift. It was pretty loud and I totally got a fright! XP

The voice of the caller (C) didn't sound at all familiar.
This was how the "conversation" went:

C: Hello! *very cheery tone*
Me: Hello! *very cheery tone*
C: You're at home right?
Me: Yeah...? Who's this?
C: Oh, I'm SL, using E's phone to call. I'm reaching your place in 15 mins, I'll call you when I'm there & you just come down & get something ok?
Me: *confused* Errr...OK

I was left clueless. I didn't know what was happening. LOL After giving J a birthday surprise I thought someone was doing the same, except that my birthday was eons ago! XP But what could it be?! A VERY belated present?! =S Hmmm....

So, I continued studying, keeping in mind that my phone would ring any moment so that I would not jump outta my seat due to Britney's singing. And so, SL said she was here & I immediately went down.

It turned out that SL & E made me herbal soup! OMG! Can you believe it?! Herbal soup! The one thing I miss most about home! My mom used to make herbal soups for us all the time, especially exam periods. Ohhh...

Now everything fits into place. I recalled myself talking to SL after church last week. She asked me how I was doing & cause last week I was totally stressed out due to assignments, I casually said that I'm stressed out but trying not to. She asked me if I missed home & I replied without 2nd thought "YES! Especially now that no one makes me herbal soups during times of stress!" I know I have a weak body. That's why I always try not to put myself in a situation where I'll fall sick easily. For example, I try not to even expose my neck when it's windy because I catch a cold easily (that is why I can never fathom how the ang mohs can wear low-cut dresses during winter); I try not to risk not bringing a sweater out when I know that it might be cold because I don't wanna bear the consequences of catching a cold later; not forgetting, I don't like wearing skirts during winter even though I've got tights because tights ain't that thick & again, I might catch a cold if a bigger surface area of my body is exposed to the wind.

Anyway, back to the story. I never, in my wildest dream, thought that someone would actually take my word seriously. OMG. I feel so touched!! It is a kind of surprise...& it changes my perception towards ppl too. I thought it'd b so hard to actually find someone who cares. =) I'll leave that for another day.

Here's a picture of the soup! And mind you, there's ginseng inside too!! =) I'm a happy girl...

Soup in jar

Close up



Anonymous said...

I wanna drink ginseng soup too!!!


feifei said...

haha!!!! it looks so yummy!! send some 2 perth.. :P

Mockingbird said...

i love herbal soup too :)

Lin said...

wow, juz an hour ago i checked n there were no comments. an hour later, there were 3 comments! LOL

to all: i haven't drunk it yet...hehe...kinda feel "sayang" to drink it =P

Darrox said...


queenlyd said...

wahh... i LURVE herbal soups!! you're soooo lucky!

Lin said...

hehe...thanks! i know i am. =)