Thursday, September 04, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff #1

First of all,


I hope that your birthday was a blast! ;)

I'm sick of food!!
I had been craving for food...any type of food for the past few weeks and now I'm glad to say I'm finally sick of food!!
Yup, that's right. S-I-C-K!
So, wanna know my secret to it?
go stuff ur face with plenty of food until you feel like throwing all up!
That's what I a buffet!
I've never stuffed myself so much in my life.
Well, the reason is cause I'm a Chinese...LOL... wanna make every cent I paid worth

OK, moving on...

I know, spring has just arrived but I can't wait for next year's winter already!!
Those who know why, don't spoil it by revealing it here XP
I shall make a grand announcement when the time eventually comes =D

Watched Nowhere in Africa 2 days ago...and I don't think it's your average type of movie.
The movie is based on a book, which is based on a true story of the author.
About how the author and her family had to runaway from German during the Nazis (?) to Africa...dunno how to explain. LOL
Anyway, it was a little dragging but it was good...lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes.
It got me thinking alot about it and it was heartwarming in the end =)

Just in case you guys dunno what the poll by the side of my blog is for...
I'm collecting opinions on what I should do with my hair so that when I go home during summer, I'm gonna trim it/cut it...whichever option gets the highest vote. Here's a picture of me beginning of August. Please make your vote, thank you.

Sometimes when I walk in the streets of Adelaide, I still feel so surreal. I still cannot grasp the fact that I'm here, staying and studying in Adelaide. Sometimes when I open my eyes in the morning, the first thought that comes to my mind is 'Oh, this isn't my room back home. Another day of lecture, tute...same old routine.' =( I'm so miserable it's not good for my psychological well-being. Well, not miserable 24/7 but...still miserable enough to want to go back home! But sometimes I think to myself 'Adelaide has a beautiful, clear blue sky, clean roads, some friendly people, convenient public transport etc.' Still, nothing beats home! You can buy a house with money, but you can't by a H-O-M-E! Now that I'm learning about social networks in Social Psychology. I guess my life fits into a kin-based community. family and my aunt's are so close we help out/care for each other so much that it seems like we're immediate family members.

These days, I'd rather talk to my family than to study/do my readings. It doesn't matter what I'm doing at the moment, as long as my parents msg me to ask if I'm free to talk, I'd always say yes unless I'm rushing for an assignment the next day. It's always fun catching up with what's happening back home. How my baby boy is growing up, what my mom does during her free time, how my dad's coping with the cough, where my mom's gonna bring me to eat when I get back etc. It's always fun, we laugh about things. Every night I go to bed, hoping that when I open my eyes in the morning, somehow I'd be lying in my bed in my room back home - that ultra thick and firm mattress, soft and cooling comforter, my cartoony bed sheet and that old pillow I've always kept. The sun rays would shine through my window and I'd hide my head under the comforter to shield my eyes from the rays, always resulting in more sleep. I long to wake up and hear my mom calling out to me "Lin! What do you wanna have for breakfast?" My mom always makes breakfast for dad who's going to work and for me. In fact, she makes breakfast for the whole family.

Enough of home.

Was chatting with my cousin (my baby boy's mom) the other day and I dunno how we got to the topic of working. This issue had been on my mind for the past few weeks. I dunno how it got there in the first place, my mind that is. I have 2 more years till I finish my bachelor degree and I'm already thinking where I should do my masters. Well, you see...studying in UK has always been my dream. I could go to UK and do my masters but it takes 3 years I could apply for PR in Australia easily after my bachelor degree but if I go to UK and change my mind, it'd be harder to apply for it then. So, how? I wanna at least work a few years overseas to earn back some of the money my parents have spent on my education + gain some working experience overseas. My cousin suggested that I work in Singapore cause the government now is really focusing on the quality of child care centres and the prospects for psychologists would be rising in the coming years. =S And I can't possibly leave my parents back in Pg. There's a voice inside telling me that they're not young anymore and you'd never know what might happen tomorrow. I don't wanna live my life regretting not being able to spend time with them when I had the chance to. I don't wanna be busy making money to the extent that I don't even have the time to be with them. That's not what I want in life.

Enough about what I want.

Last Sunday, I visited my friend's church and there was this pastor from New Jersey, America - Preston Centuolo. He preached with so much energy and life. He himself had gone through alot when he was growing up, so when he preached, you would feel that he knew what he was talking about. It's always more empowering when the preacher had gone through stuff in his own life. You'd know that he's not juz "preaching" but preaching based on experience! Not too sure if I make much sense. I think I'm just so touched by him.

Oh well, assignments are piling up but I always feel lazy. Somehow this semester I'm not as stressed as the last. Why you may ask. Cause I keep telling myself that there's nothing to be stressed about to the extent that laziness takes over. =( Bad, I know.

Better go and do more productive things!



sosoYi said...

I prefer your hair now!!
For me, this length look good on u...and it's NATURAL~ haha...
maybe make it not too thick and a bit layer..!! ^^

Lin said...

Xin Yi!!!!
Your first time commenting here!! =)
hehe..thanks for the suggestion! ;)
how ya doing?! everything OK?
Take care ya!

jennifer said...

wahhh suuuuuper long post!!! everything into one. hehehe. man you're that homesick eh. lol. aih. 2 more months only!! well maybe 2 months plus but will come very soon. yipppee! i juhst hope it'll last forever when we'er back

Lin said...

hahaha...we can only hope. and hoping doesn't change the fact that nothing lasts forever...*sigh*

sosoYi said...

Ei~am I??
*rolling eyes* i think it was my second time leaving comment here!! xD
I'm doing good here...mid-sem tests past and waiting for the holidays...^^ so lazy worms crawling everywhere....=P
Take care too ya~!