Sunday, August 24, 2008

I know I should be studying...

...but I suddenly had a thought.


This may sound stupid.

I was reading my friend's blog and she was blogging about high school romance that sorta stuff.

And it got me thinking!

I'm 20!

I will never get the chance to experience what high school romance is all about!

No more high school sweetheart.

No more innocent "I like you because I do" sorta feeling!

No more butterflies in my stomach.

OMG...I'm getting old!

But I haven't outgrown my love for silly romantic movies. =P

Everytime I watch a movie with high school romance in it (eg. high school musical/any taiwanese idol drama series), I'd be fantasising myself as the female lead character.

*slaps self*

Before I go, just finished watching Notting Hill (I know, I'm extremely outdated) and oh my God! I loved it...but I know movies can't be real and never can be.

I love the ending song though. Enjoy!

The original version is not available for embedding so here's the remix. Not bad too! Almost similar =)

OK, gotta run!



genieve said...

thats me!

I know. I love the notebook so much too!

and a little romances never hurt.
Notting Hill is good. but I don't rememeber any of it. LOL.

i think i gonna watch it again :)

Lin said...

that's YOU!
boy, u're fast!!
u should!!
hugh grant is so cute =P

Maree said...

notting hill is good...but hugh grant is OLD.haha!

Lin said...

but he's the type who looks cute even though he's old. =)

Maree said...

besides frm the wrinkles,i suppose? XD but i kinda liked his character in love actually.hehe!the dancing part..if u rmb la..haha

Lin said...

LOL yeah!!
it was really sweet of him to find her door to door on christmas! <3