Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something to tickle your funny bone!

Seriously, when I watched this, my face was like this -> =.="'

Laugh die me!

This is Mariah Carey's reaction when she watched the clip.

The improved version, enjoy! =P

p/s: Hopefully the videos made ur day juz like how they made mine! =)



Anonymous said...

OH!!!! someone recommended me this last time and twas HILARIOUS!!!! the most funny part was she was sooo sure that the song title was "kean lee".. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH~

she's got guts!!


Anonymous said...

GF!! i was waiting to hear from u!!
how are u settling in the US?!
is ur room mate nice??
how's life?!
fill me in!! i miss u!
yeah, so funny la she...at first i thought there's such a song =S