Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer plans

I know this sounds crazy. It's only the middle of 4th week of my 2nd semester of 2nd year and I'm already planning what to do during summer!

Plans usually don't work out (based on experience), for example the Sydney trip, I can save that for another loooong post.

Anyway, yes...summer plans. Since one of my best friends, GF, won't be there when I go back home (she's flying to the US tomorrow! *sob*) I would have to entertain myself with stuff I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten the chance to.

So here's a list of things I wish to accomplish when I go back home!

Visit my baby boy in Singapore! <3

Try out different food at different places *drools*

Watch Twilight with my girl friends!! *screams*

Do my shopping early (which I dread)

Bake/cook =D

Practise my piano and hopefully get to learn guitar

Learn ballet (I MUST do it this time!)
Oh, and last but not least, get my freaking driving license!!! I just cross my fingers that the driving instructor won't be an a**hole! Hmph! Made driving a bad experience for me only.
That's for now! Stay tuned to my boring life...


genieve said...

yes i wanna get my driver's license too!


Lin said...

HEY girl!!
didn't know u were moving also until i read ur blog!!
u're moving to a place so far!
how are we gonna meet up woh?!

jennifer said...

ahaa!! tell me when you start ballet classes! if i got nothing to do i might drop by & watch!! hehehe!

Lin said... ur head la! =P
i'll let u know la when i start...