Thursday, August 07, 2008

Specially for Twilighters (Read: JM) XP

One of my best friends, JM, got KT and I to become twilighters by introducing the book Twilight and showing us the teasers and trailers on youtube whilst feeling extremely anticipated about the movie being released in December (we're so gonna watch it together eh?!). Yesterday, there was a book release party held in Borders. Obviously, it was the release of the 4th book (also final) and sequel of the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer – Breaking Dawn. As fans could dress up as their favourite characters and a prize would be given to the best dressed, KT and I thought it was interesting. So as curious as we were, we headed to Borders after grabbing bubble tea each for AUD2 (usual price: $3.90 - went during Happy Hour). I have nothing much to say about the book release party, but what the heck? A picture says a thousand words so I'll just let the pictures do the talking! ;)
"Kids" 'dressing up' as their favourite characters outside Borders

Breaking Dawn sold out completely

Forks is one of the places in Twilight
(for those who don't read Twilight)

Gloria Jeans in Borders was the venue for the event

Each group was named after those in the book

The Denali Clan

The Spirit Warriors

The New Ancients

Twilight Lovers

The Vegan Bloods

Got bored watching the event

Click to enlarge to see the original pose on the book cover

Dr. Carlisle!

The crowd that participated in the trivia challenge

Team Edward takes it seriously...!


I vote "no"

This is not the worst one yet

I think this is my personal favourite XD

Edward look-alike (I think his 'gf' saw me snapping his pic)

I made KT join me! =P

The winners of best dressed with Borders staff (2 on the left)

Nothing much really. But it was interesting to witness a book release party? =)



Anonymous said...

WOW!! sounds FUN!!!


Lin said... cause KT n i entertained ourselves.
but i guess it was fun for those die-hard twilight fans =)

feifei said...

haha!! bubble tea 4 A$2?? omg.i'm soooo moving over 2 adelaie! price went up 2 A$4 here!!! :S wow diden noe dat there were so many die hard fans out there.. sooo gonna watch the movie when it's released..

Lin said...

yup yup! AUD2! =) i think that's the cheapest i can get here. wah! serious ah?! o.O so exp?! i think the most is also AUD3.90 only. almost AUD4 la...LOL
of course, u must!
have u read the book yet?

jennifer said...

wahhh soooo many posts to read!!! & the pics are hilarious!!! hahahaha. not bad not bad. i think that entertained me the most in this post. lol

ehuey said...

hahahahaha your buka kaki picture is so... so... so buka kaki la hahaha and the bleach one is so yeah!!! so bleach hahahah
=.= =.= =.=

Anonymous said...

OH!!! just like how we entertained ourselves when we were at the hair salon.. HAHAHAHAHA~

haih.. why lah we all have to entertain ourselves where ever we go only can feel the fun of even being there eh leh??! as if no one is funny enough for us.. lol

ah ma being her old sweaty self.. =.="


Maree said...

WOW!so fun!!!hw come u didnt dress up la???haha...and ur facial expressions...HAHA!!

Lin said...

ehuey: ROTFL so bleach! i think her hair very weird leh =S u were talking about the hair right???

gf: i dunno...we always syiok sendiri. but it's weird how we don't care if ppl are looking. XP i juz posed like no one was around...but KT was a but afraid of being embarrassed. LOL oh well, if we don't entertain ourselves now, when can we eh?? ;)

maree: cause i'm not "kids" i don't know which character suits me best + i hate dressing up. HAHA...

Lin said...

jenn: thank u thank u...*curtsies* LOL

Maree said...

u dont have to be a kid 2 dress up wat...haha!!it's the fun part ma..

Lin said...

noticed the inverted commas?? *sigh*

prasana@poel said...

wow cool idea the posing! the bleach one..hahhaa...hillarious! you watched lots of ANTM thats why ur a pro now! hahahaha.... ooo are the books good? I rather read the books first before the movie so that it will be fun seeing the characters come to life! hahaha

Lin said...

hey pras!! u're alive!! =D
hahaha...not pro yet...still in the process XP
not too bad la the books but don't put too much expectations because the books are actually for teenagers, i found it a lil too "childish" but still sweet u know, for a teenager...LOL
yes, i can't wait for the characters to come to life!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
my patience is running thin...

Jen Min said...

Hey! Thanks for the post! I appreciate it, though the party looks kinda boring I dunno... maybe cos the author / actual stars aren't there? you know penang cannot sell out breaking dawn. all sit there collecting dust!

btw, love your imitations, especially the darkling :)

Lin said...

jm: hahaha...well, to be honest, it was boring. if not kt and i wouldn't b imitating poses on book covers =S ROTFL really? but now they stock up breaking dawn d...and the price is juz the same as the pre-order ones. cheh. what's the point of pre-ordering then?

hehe, thank you! =) maybe we can do that at the end of the year at MPH...LOL