Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

Oops, excuse the bad quality of the picture.
I can't believe I actually finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl. I thought the story would be long and winding but once I started on the 1st page, I just wanted to keep on reading until the last page! Never thought I'd enjoy reading stories about the Tudor courts although I didn't quite get the organisation. It was a really interesting read! At the same time, I felt for Mary Boleyn (acted by Scarlett Johansson) - the love-hate relationship between her and her sister (and family). The story is told from Mary's perspective. While reading the book, a thought constantly crossed my mind: Thank God I wasn't born in that era! I wouldn't say much to spoil it for those who haven't read the book/watched the movie. Go check it out yourself! ;)
p/s: I just cross my fingers that the movie would be as good as the book as the book is really thick (at least for me) and the story is stretched across a period of more than 10 years.



genieve said...

Hey try Phillipa Gregory's other book.

Its titled The Constant Princess. Its really sad and all but a good read. sometimes hard to understand, but im sure we can't really wrecked a professors mine now..


Lin said...

oh really?! the other boleyn girl was sad in a way...but i wouldn't say how. not gonna spoil it =P
i'll definitely read Phillipa Gregory's other books! =)

thanks for the recommendation! ;)

feifei said...

is the movie out yet??? i rather watch..hehe.. took me long enuff 2 read gone with the wind.. been reli 2 lazy 2 read.. :S

Maree said...

i wanna read!!!!but i cant find the book anywhere...but i'm sure they'll start selling it once the movie's out here...haha!

Lin said...

yf & maree: the movie's out already actually last year...i think. aus is always the last place to have new movies =S dunno y.

yf: but i still think though it takes ages to finish a book, it's still worth reading cause u get to dwell into the character more, knowing the little details that u won't get from movies =)

maree: hahaha...i'm sure u're envious of me now cause the state library here has soooo many updated books! XP

Maree said...

no it's nt out yet in malaysia..i think in sept...but i told u i already haf the movie..hehe...yes i am...but i dont have time for storybooks nowadays.sad!:(

Lin said...

maree: oh...that's weird. i don't think it's out here too... i juz watched the trailer on youtube and it looked like it was not bad...i don't have time for novels BUT i get to read them on the bus on the way to uni! yay! =D