Monday, August 04, 2008

Start of a new semester

It's the 1st day of the 2nd week of the 2nd semester and I'm blogging at the computer in uni because my comp is "unwell" at the moment and I don't wanna overstrain it =(

I'm now waiting for my mom to send me over some CDs that are needed for my comp. Gonna format my comp cause I can't stand it anymore. Without my comp, I can do nothing! Well, I can do other stuff like studying/reading my novel, but that's about it! No entertainment, no communication with friends and family! Sad...I know. If only I have TV or more ppl here to talk to. Then I wouldn't need to rely on my comp (or rather internet) so much. =S

Oh well, life's full of hurdles. And I'm motivated than ever to complete this semester cause I know that my flight back to Penang during the summer is waiting for me! ^_^

This morning I had to brave the rain to classes because I carelessly left my umbrella in my friend's car. So I reached my lecture all wet. *sigh* And the thing I hate about the rain is getting myself wet! 1, because I hate the feeling when the rain dries up, it makes u feel cold. 2ndly, cause I fall sick easily n I've been falling sick alot and mostly due to the rain + wind.

I think I'd better stop blogging as there are streams of people coming into the comp pool to use the computers and it would seem very inconsiderate of me to hog one of the comps to blog. XP

Maybe when my comp has "recovered". Till then, take care everyone! ;)



prasana@poel said...

hmmmm eventful start to the semester ey... hahaha...well it only means the semester can get better! well yeah do take care.. keep warm at all times, keep ur feet and chest covered! Flu in aus not like the ones back home, everything here is more dangerous, more killer! hahhahaha....

Lin said...

more killer!
oh i keep my chest covered alright...unlike the locals here...can show their cleavage some more! *Brrr* XD
thanks, u take care too!! =)