Sunday, June 08, 2008

Girlie Day

Where do I start? I'll make this post as brief and less boring as possible! XP Oh, and this will be my last post before my exam...gotta study full-time from tomorrow onwards! =) This is one of my rare posts with pictures in it, so do appreciate by showing me some love. XD

Because Jennifer, Jen and I haven't gone out together for ages since the night before my birthday, we decided to go out for lunch today at this new Malaysian Mamak Restaurant. So off we went, with high hopes and expectations since we miss mamak food so much!! Jennifer ordered a murtabak, Jen a roti telur and roti canai, and I a plate of nasi lemak and murtabak. Well, to cut it short, all our hopes and expectations shattered into millions of pieces! From the moment the food was served to the moment we walked out of the restaurant, we had already made 1001 comments/complains! The food was OK, acceptable...but it just wasn't worth our money. I'll just highlight the main points: curry was too diluted, no spicy fragrance whatsoever, just tasted spicy, that's all; murtabak has no "liao", only some pieces of potatoes instead of onions in it...the supposedly pickled onions that were served weren't fresh (probably from some supermarket pickled onions cause they weren't "crunchy"; the nasi lemak had only a tablespoon-full of ikan bilis (major disappointment) with less than a quarter of hard-boiled egg and a few pathetic slices of cucumber at the side.

Nasi lemak shared by Jennifer and I with the murtabak at the side

After lunch, we headed to Chocolate Bean! As the name suggests, it's a chocolate dessert place. Everything there just looks so appetising and yummy! Jennifer got a Toblerone, Jen a glass of hot mint chocolate and I got a Chocolate Vanilla Martini. The Toblerone tasted different from the one I drank at some pub called Fumo Blu during my friend's 21st birthday party. The one at Choc Bean doesn't have the honey and alcohol taste whereas the one in Fumo Blu, you could taste the chocolate, honey and alcohol. My Choc Vanilla Martini was whoa! @.@ The alcohol taste totally covered the chocolate and vanilla taste. I had to sip bit by bit cause the alcohol was kinda strong. We sat there having a super girlie talk over our drinks for hours!!! We reached there at around 2pm and left the place at 6pm! LOL We just talked and talked about stuff regarding guys, life, marriage, weddings, college days, ex-bfs, the future, pregnancy, birth-giving, health etc. Now you know how we could sit there for so long! XP

Having a girlie chat over our drinks

Since we left the place at 6pm and Jen was feeling a little hungry, we walked home to take a "rest" and to empty our bladders while Jennifer prepared to meet her friends for one of her friends' birthday dinner. I was so hungry by the time Jen and I reached Cafe Primo! I was starving (literally!). Jen ordered Garlic Prawns and a plate of wedges with sour cream and chilli for us to share whereas I ordered a Chicken Focaccia.

Chicken Foccacia

Garlic Prawns

Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli

It's my "ritual" to take a picture with the food before eating XP
(Was kinda disappointed with this pic though cause the person who took this left out the wedges
AND left so much space at the top =( )

Love playing around with photoshop!
(Was feeling quite stuffed by the time I finished my last bite of foccacia,
so I decided to do silly things while waiting for my food to be digested...LOL)

Ahhh...As I'm typing this, I just wished I hadn't eaten like a true Asian (was trying to finish every single thing on my plate to make every cent I paid worth =.= Dumb, I know...we didn't even get our complimentary pancakes because we were too full! I was so full I could hardly walk! =S Anyway, I really had a fun day with the girls...We should do this more often! I love having meals/drinks while catching up with girl friends. Nothing beats that! ;)

So, till after my exams in July! =)

p/s: By the time I was done typing this post, it was already after 12 am. So the "today" mentioned in the post was actually 7th of June. =P



prasana@poel said...

by the end of the post I felt full too!! (mabye also due to the fact I just finished eating my supper too! haaha)
wow 4 hours !! awesome!! nice nice !! you guys practically covered everything girly talk can cover!

you managed to down the choc martini and managed to stay okay?? not bad! the last time I had the proper alcohol toblerone I couldnt eat the rest of my dinner properly...was like feeling dizzy!! hahahhaha..lamo la me.

Lin said...

maybe it's the fish cakes! XD yeah hoh, come to think of it, we really did cover EVERY possible girlie topic LOL

yup yup, I'm OK with alcohol long as it's not too much =) Never felt tipsy before...not sure about Jennifer, but maybe her Toblerone was more chocolaty than alchoholic.

So funny la u!!!! XP

jennifer said...

eiyerr. i look like a ghost in the pic!!

but yeh. if only exams were over! can hang out and eat/drink all the time. wooohoo!

Anonymous said...

lols at prasana!!

well, never expect to much from malaysian food made OUTside malaysia!! XP

but i guess it was just all about the cravings for local food lah, right? haih..


Lin said...

jennifer: guess what?? i already made the pic a lil darker...LOL no can do! I'm not an expert in photoshop...maybe i'll pick up the skills of photoshopping one day! ;)

GF: hahahahaha~ and the worst thing is, i forgot to mention in my post, they actually hung those Cuti Malaysia banners outside their restaurant! =.= I hope Australians won't have a wrong impression about our REAL mamak food! *shakes head*

feifei said...

lin, aussies dun reli noe the taste of asian food.. lolz.. like my bro said...neva go 2 an asian restaurant with lots of aussies coz u noe the food sux.. no offense 2 any aussies reading this.. :p anywayz, looks like u're having fun!

Lin said...

ok..maybe not aussies..what if other asians think malaysian food tastes like that?! o.O
i HAD fun...for like what, only 1 day. other times i'm juz have to prepare for exams some more...all the best to u too ya! ;)