Monday, May 12, 2008


After reading my housemate's blog about this guy being a total angel by working in order to get his gf an air ticket so that she could fly here, to Adelaide, to see him, it kinda tugged at my heart. LOL
I know I should be working on this essay of mine, but my mind keeps wandering...

Just realised today's 11th of May. It's also the day I should return the book I borrowed from the State Library. But I haven't finished reading it...I'm not sure if I WANT to finish reading it. It's written by Nicholas Sparks, the author of A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, both really touching romantic movies.=')

So I turned to the last chapter to read...and after a few lines, I feel like crying already! Now you understand why I'm not sure I want to finish reading it. Last Wednesday, when I was reading this book on the bus on the way to uni, tears filled up my eyes. Trying to blink the tears away, I looked up to let the sunshine dry them. But it was super embarrassing!!! Cause a guy saw me "crying" and he wouldn't stop gosh! So I buried my head in my bag...Lesson learnt: Never read touching books on the bus!!

I love getting myself lost in books (not textbooks, thank you very much). Everytime I read, I feel like I'm in a world of my own. No worries, no frustrations, nobody else but me. However, I hate the feeling when I have to draw myself away from the book, because it just feels like I've just landed back on Earth, and everything else negative that goes with it rushes back to me, making me grasping for air. *sigh* I'm sure Maree understands this feeling...LOL ;) or maybe not.

Why is it sometimes in life, even though 2 people love each other so deeply, they just can't be together?! Why!? I can never understand breaks my heart (literally) everytime I read them in books/watch them in movies. I can actually FEEL the pain. If it means losing the one I love, I'd rather never have them in the first place. People might say "it's better than to have loved before than to never loved at all". I totally disagree to that!!

*sigh* Ok ok...enough of this sadness, I'll tell you something interesting that has happened to me for the past week! Last Monday was my 20th birthday! And I think it was rather memorable! =D Well, I was dreading the arrival of my birthday because 1) I didn't have a plan on how to celebrate 2) Even if I had a plan, I wouldn't be able to celebrate with EVERYONE who means something to me 3) my birthday fell on a weekday, which meant most of the people would be quite busy with their work/simply don't feel like going out on a weekday.

Since most of the people wouldn't wanna go out on a Monday, I decided to "celebrate" it with my housemate on Sunday night by going out for dessert and a drink. After deciding where to go for dessert and a drink, I asked another friend, J, who lives in the suburb to come along as well. My housemate even put make-up on me! LOL it's the 2nd time I have make up on after prom. At first everything went OK, we went to the dessert place as planned. Was kind of disappointed with the dessert though cause it wasn't satisfactory. Anyway, after finishing our dessert, we headed to Chocolate Bean, to realise that it was CLOSED!! =S Bummer! So the 3 of us ended up walking up and down Rundle Street, hoping to find a place that serves cocktails (the reason we wanted to go to Choc Bean was to try out a cocktail called Toblerone). In the end we settled down at CIBO for a drink instead. I felt so bad towards J cause she took the bus all the way to the city just to walk up and down Rundle Street =S

When I woke up Monday morning to go to my Human Nutrition prac which required us to fast (we were gonna do a Glycaemic Index prac), I felt crap, thinking "here it goes...birthday = no birthday..." I was prepared to not have anything special on that day to avoid disappointment.

*fast forward*

Came back from class in the afternoon, was on my computer, deleting applications on my facebook page when my house mate came into my room asking me what I was doing. So I just simply replied "cleaning my facebook page" and she was gone, back to her room. After a split second, she waltzed into my room with a cake in hand whilst exclaiming in a very high-pitched voice, "Happy Birthday!!!" LOL I suddenly felt awake! Awwww~ How sweet of her!! I guess she knew how "miserable" I was XD She took a picture of me blowing "invisible candles" on the cake. We decided to save the cake for dessert at night.

Our initial plan was to go to Chocolate Bean that night because we didn't make it the night before but when I called Choc Bean up, the woman on the other line told me that they closed at 6pm =( So we thought maybe we can just go another day. That night, I was doing some readings when my friends, E and L, called to say they've reached my place. I went down to open the door for them. They said they wanted to come up to my apartment so I thought y not?

*fast forward*

My bible study leaders planned a surprise birthday mini party for me! How thoughtful of them...and a friend from OCF baked a cake for me with marshmallows lined up on the cake to make out my age! Awwww~ Was kinda touched. That was my 1st ever birthday surprise =) So, my birthday was memorable after all. Oh, and I had 2 leftover cakes to be eaten for breakfast the whole week! Hahaha...


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