Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy/Unhappy feet?

Well, after watching this video, I 'm just glad I always choose my shoes properly! So I had to share this video with everyone who reads my blog! =) It's advisable not to wear flip flops if you're gonna do a lot of walking. It's OK to not listen to me, but do listen to the expert. ;) Enjoy!

p/s: And yes, although I said that my previous post would be the last post before my exam, I just thought that most of our feet (and the problems that go together with them) are at stake! XP


prasana@poel said...

hmmm now I know why my mum is always so against me buying flattties! she's like "u have 1 or 2 already thats enough, they are not good for walking anyways!!!"

Lin said...

yup, it's true. cause flats have no support =)
that's y i'm so picky in choosing my shoes...i need support + comfort + stylish. tell me where do u get shoes that have all those?!