Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I think I haven't blogged about this before...

I totally hate it when a person says "whatever" to me when I'm trying to make a point.

And I really mean it, I HATE it!

Wait, I DESPISE it!

It annoys me to the max and I never say "whatever" to someone unless I'm pissed.

So, you know what I'm feeling when I actually use the word "whatever" unless I say it in a bimbotic way.

When someone says that word to me, it makes me feel like what I'm trying to say doesn't mean a thing!

Like, they're just trying to brush you off.

And I totally HATE it!!

But it's weird, isn't it?

If I show my anger, people might just think "that's just a minor problem, why is she making a big deal out of it?"

But if I do not show how pissed I am, people around me will just continue saying that word!!

Screw it! Next time if I'm quiet and do not talk to you, you should know why.

Blood and scars,


feifei said...

yea u're soooo rite!!! i hated it 2...but then afta i realise dat they dun mean anything bout dat, i ceased 2 care... lolz.... and i do use dat when i wana make someone angry.opps..remind me never 2 say dat 2 u... :P

Lin said...

well, ur point WAS to make someone angry!
it's ok, u'll know if i'm quiet.
anyway, all the best in ur exams! ;)

Maree said...

blood n scars?!?! o.O

prasana@poel said...

I am afraid!! very afraid!!!

jennifer said...

.......whoaaaa!! blood and scars. lol. i havent even heard of such a way to express before. brrrr..

btw if ppl say 'whatever' their 'watever' might mean 'anything'. so it can be just nothing at all like what yf said. dont get so worked up over that word. lol

Lin said...

well, u can tell by how they say it. and i hate it when they say it to brush u off.
and i'm 99.9% sure most of the ppl who say is just don't wanna listen to they say it to make u shut up, which, at the same time means "anything".