Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st post back in Adelaide

As you can see in my title, I'm back in Adelaide.

Wasn't supposed to be back this early,'s a long story.

I woke up this morning, stared at the four walls of my room and suddenly I felt so alone!! ='(

Most of my friends are attached this year...when I arrived, only then I realised that 2 of my closest friends are attached to each other!

Nothing has changed, I know they're still my friends, but somehow I feel that I can't find them whenever I want anymore. They might wanna spend time alone...

This year I wanna be independent, as in I can have fun and all without having to go kacau my friends. I shall learn how to live like there's no one around me...

It's 12pm already...great! I shall go n prepare to go out...



genieve said...

Hey Ee Lin!

its me! guess who...
its me!

hahahhahah im sounding so bimbotic wtf.
okay, i know u're back in adelaide, and i really wanna meet up with u and esther.

text me ok? keep me updated larrrrrr.

just been to orientation today. how are you?

p/s: dont go to the fringe alone lar. go with me. im single la :)

Lin said...

hey genieve!!!

yes yes, we should go out sometime...i'll let esther know n we'll plan something =) u're still using ur old no.? well, u know esther's a really busy woman now...haha...cause she's studying nursing as she has classes till 4:30pm every day...i think.
nah, didn't go to the fringe alone in the end =)

see u soon!! take care *hugs*


Anonymous said...

i miss u like crazy!!! LOL

when im bored i think of the times we were together.. my 1 n only partner in crime!!!


Anonymous said...


i juz msged u...LOL but i figured it's super early over there XP

me too, i miss EVERYTHING we did together...



Maree said...

u're back in Adelaide already?? :(

Lin said...

yes, maree...i'm back in adelaide ='(
i'm depressed...