Friday, February 01, 2008

Queer Dream...

Due to unknown reasons, I haven't been sleeping very soundly lately. I keep having weird dreams that make me wonder their meaning.

Once, I dreamt that my cousin's baby boy could talk already although he was only 5 months old.

Just last night, I dreamt about so many people in a dream. There were C, N, H, S, a teacher from my primary school and a few unknown people. In the dream, we were all back in high school and the weird thing is C, H and S who are males happen to be in the same class too. N, my best friend, spent most of her time with them instead of me and it made me really jealous and the thing that surprised me most was C actually came to spend time with me because he understood how I felt. O.O Then after a while, the scene changed to a huge carpark and I was attempting to drive up a slope with my mom's auto car. I ended up nearly knocking the sides of the slope n killing everyone who was in the car. =S Then the scene changed again, this time I was in the toilet trying to pass motion (I know, it's super weird right?!) and apparently that primary school teacher asked me to flush more often as the feces will harden and it'll b hard to flush it away later on. *faint*

Now, tell me...what kind of dream is THAT?!


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