Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm alive, people!!

Yo yo yo yo....

hehehehe~ As you can tell by the title and the "opening" of this post, I am an extremely happy girl right now!

Been down with fever for the past 3 days =( It was terrible!!!! >.<

Tuesday afternoon, while studying in my room, I felt a throbbing headache so I went to have a nap, thinking that I must've been too stressed. Considering the fact that I felt nausea the whole day didn't help much as well...Woke up for dinner...had no appetite and my throbbing headache was worse than ever! Couldn't study at all...went to bed with 2 panadols.

Praying that my fever would subside soon so that I could resume my revision, I woke up with utter disappointment. Headache was still there and I felt like vomiting every time I saw food. *SIGH* Honestly my headache was that bad that I can't even remember what happened on Wednesday...

*fast forward*

Slept the whole Thursday...did study a few pages of lymphocytes =S Anyway, Friday morning, I woke up feeling cold even though I was underneath my blanket...which means I haven't recovered from my fever yet...After having my lunch, I felt better. When I got up to wipe myself with warm water, I thought I was OK until I took the bus to the city! I felt like fainting the whole way. The bus was super crowded with high school kids and their loud chattering made my headache worse!! Was hoping I could reach the city sooner so that I could go get the porridge I was craving for since I had fever but the bus kept stopping at bus stops to let passengers on board/alight. Once I stepped foot under the sun @.@ My head was throbbing even harder....Supposed to be the backup singer for OCF that night but I just couldn't do it. Asked E to take my place. As if having fever n throbbing headache is not enough, I had to burn my tongue while eating my porridge!! =S

It's prayers have been is all new!! Time to study!!

p/s: Just a super duper short update to let you guys know I'm alive and well!! Don't worry =D



Poel said...

Hey! good to hear ur feeling better now, do take care...don't stress too much..All the best for your exams! take care!

sze may said...

hey!!! are u feeling better now? like what u have always told me...

lol... anyways, good luck for ur exam!! i'm having 3 tests in a row this week too! x(