Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ain't it funny?

Supposed to be studying psychology, yes.

Instead I chatted with a friend....

Isn't it funny that whenever we have something we don't appreciate it, but when we lose it then we see the value and regret not appreciating it.

Some people search for true love....but what exactly is true love?!

When we think that we've found our true love, it turns out otherwise.

I admit that I can't wait to find my one true love (in human sense), but at the end of the day, God has my life planned out perfectly...therefore I don't have to worry about anything.

My friend, J2, who is seldom single is constantly searching for the one...she said she can't help but feel phobic because of her failed relationships.

Aren't those failed relationships suppose to be lessons learnt?

This whole "love" thing is so complicated for some, but so simple for some...

One of my friends, M, once big is the probability for 2 human beings to actually love each other?

I think it's's either 1 loves the other first or vice versa.

What's my point of typing this post? I dunno...LOL

It just amuses me how different people view relationships.

Hehehe~ as for me, I'm still stuck in fairytales XP

Gotta get back to studying!!!



jennifer said... i know that J2 girl? *wriggles eyebrows*

hahah funny. when it's time to study, the brain always finds other things to do. SO WEIRD!

Lin said...

yes, u know J2 XP

was chatting with her ma, that's y i thought of writing this post...

Poel said...

J2...ooooo ahhhhhh...icic...hmmmm....the thing is also jenn really can wiggle her eyeberows!! so funny u know....lin when u see here in png ask her to wiggle!! hehehehe...

Lin said...

poel: u also know J2...hehe~ REALLY?! cool! but i can already imagine her wriggling her eyebrows, no need to ask her to do it...LOL
can't believe she's already back in pg and i'm stuck here for exams!! X(

Poel said...

I can't believe she is back..ur going back..others are going back soon..and I am stuck here with more than half of the sem to go! hahahahhaha...see u all soon lah...hahahhaa don't forget me u know..remember the crazy face ok.hahahaa...

Lin said...

haha...i can't believe it too!! 1st year of uni has come n gone...woohoo!!
yup, shall see u soon!! what crazy face?? =S oops~