Thursday, November 01, 2007

Don't you just find it frustrating...

...when someone who doesn't even know what your nickname means makes assumptions?

Last night, after an encounter with annoying guys who act cool and all in front of their friends, I changed my nickname to:

Ee Lin 依灵 realises that guys are only nice when they're alone with you, they're jerks when they're around their friends

This morning, a primary school guy friend sent me a msg regarding my nickname AND assumed that I fell for a guy but he turned out to be a jerk!! What the....

Anyway, didn't wanna talk much to him either. We used to be the bestest friends. People say a guy and a girl can never be best friends but we did it...until of course he got too caught up into finding a gf and when he eventually did, he "ditched" me. Only came to me when he had problems with his gf...

*sigh* Seriously, best friends won't do that to you. They'll try to keep in touch with u no matter what, through the good times and the bad. That is why, I'm thankful to have my best friends N, JM, YX and KT!! Cause although we may be seas apart, we still try to keep in touch (via msn, e-mail, facebook etc.)

I guess life's like this. When a door closes, another opens. Sometimes I can't help but to look back at the closed door, but they say never frown over something that once made you smile. So...I guess I just have to be glad that happened, it taught me about life.

Hah!! Being a little's alright!! It's a brand new day...I'm gonna be happy happy happy!!



genieve said...

hey, its so so true.

all the est in your exams!

Lin said...

hey gen!!
thanks alot!! =)
u take care too ya? *hugs*

Jen Min said...

thanks! ur me bestie and I appreciate u too! feel so honored to be mentioned.

don't emo emo! must be happy that soon we taekwondo girls can reunite! haha!! good luck in ur finals

Lin said...

hahaha~ well, i'm juz glad we still make an effort to keep in touch n not let either of us drift away...=) *hugs*

yes yes...wait for me!! Here i come!!

mindy said...

Bwahaha go read my latest post.
btw, all the best ya in your exam and see you in dec!

Lin said...

mindy: haha..thanks!! c ya soon!! ;) ok!