Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Exams are coming!!


I think I'm super happy because I'm gonna submit my last assignment of the semester this Friday!! And then I'll be studying 24/7...hopefully.

After all, I prefer studying to doing assignments.

Been laughing a lot lately, my stomach hurts...lost 1kg too!! Which is a good thing cause my bulging stomach is slowly disappearing...

For don't know what reason, been falling asleep very easily lately too!! I can just sleep the whole day and not wake up...but I know I have to because life is not all about sleeping XD

I hereby promise myself that the afternoon after my last exam paper, I'm coming back home and sleep till the next morning XP

Oh!! Before going back to my real home, gonna go to this Japanese restaurant we've been planning to go to since last semester...hopefully.

Based on the comments my friends left in my last post, I do realize that crying is not a bad thing. Cried again when I called home and heard my mom's voice at the end of the line. Had a fight with her because of some trivial matter...and I was bothered for quite a few days. During praise and worship at OCF last Friday, I kept feeling the urge to call home and tell mom I'm sorry. But I did not call home that night...instead I did the next day. I think that's the 1st time in my life to say I'm sorry. =') I really thank God for touching me inside..I really do. I think He changed me quite a bit. =) Lately, relatives/friends of friends have been passing away and I thought to myself how fortunate I am to have both my parents around. makes my appreciate what I have more.

Ok ok...I'm being long-winded. This is suppose to be a happy post!! ;)

1 more thing to add on to the list of things to do when I get back home - cut my hair



sze may said...

u lost while by just laughing???? U GOTTA TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!!

lol... i think i am gaining weight...

btw, happt halloween.. =D

Lin said...

i dunno's juz in my genes =P
i'm super happy i don't look like i'm 3 months pregnant anymore...*beams*
happy halloween to u too!

jennifer said...

hahahaah eiyerrr crazy i feel like laughing to myself in my room everyday till i burn all the fat in my stomach!!!

so touching the part where you called back to say sorry. awww..made my eyes water. hahaha =P

Lin said...

haha...i lost another kg?! now i weigh 48kg!!

=P seriously!! it was the 1st time in my life...saying sorry to my mom...i guess i'm growing up...afraid that one day she won't be there anymore...ARRGH! i don't even wanna think about it! =S