Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We uni students were supposed to have classes starting today but because it's Labour Day, we get to sleep in =P

As usual, I woke up and went down to the dining hall to have my breakfast. Surprisingly, there were boiled eggs for breakfast!! So as happy as I was, I had toased bread with butter and egg mixed with mayonnaise. Yum Yum!! While eating halfway, my "neighbour" C came down to have her breakfast as well so we ended up eating and talking at the same time. Out of the blue, she asked me if I wanted to watch Secret (a movie starring and directed by Jay Chou) with her. Considering the fact that I've always wanted to watch that movie and I had nothing to do at that moment I said yes.

The movie was totally out of expectations!! It seemed that it was just another boring high school love story but little did we know, there was a major twist in the middle!! O.O My hair actually stood on ends when we found out what the story was actually about!!

I'm still speechless after watching it....so....extraordinary!! I thought it was quite depressing in the end...but at least they had a happy ending.



Anonymous said...

aiyooooooooo~ i was about to go buy n send u the dvd!! ya very nice right?!! felt the same way as u did when it first came out!! definitely not the typical love story!!


jay chou forever!! he's such a genius!!


Lin said...

hahahahaha~ really?! awww~ <3 then u can save on money...no need to buy and post =P
it was totally unexpected...i nearly gave up watch at the beginning XD
maybe he stole the idea from The Lake House...hehehehe

- BF -