Monday, October 01, 2007

What should I do?

*SIGH* Been online the whole night chatting, listening to music, and trying to finish my slide for the presentation next Tuesday.

Can't help but to click on my Windows Live Messenger contact list to see if P is online. Haven't seen P around for nearly a week, but when I do see P, we don't talk. I thought that I am able to let go, just like that. But I guess deep down, I know that I still like P.

I keep telling myself that a better one will come along...but that's not the point! It's not about being better or not!! It's about being able to like someone for their imperfections...All imperfections add up to become this unique person that P is!!

Wondering how P's doing now...A few days ago I saw P online and I told M that it's weird not talking to P online anymore because we used to chat every night. M asked me to make the first move in starting a conversation but I refused to cause I didn't know what to say =S and that I'll make a fool out of myself >.< What M said is true too...if we don't make the first move to talk to each other, then I guess our friendship will just end there and we can never be like how we used to be anymore.

Even though sometimes I avoid P, deep down I wanna see P and talk to P. I'm just too coward. Tonight I told myself that if P is online, I'll make the first move to send P a message. Too bad....P's not online...


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