Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pervertic god

While reading the readings for Religions of the Ancient World, I came across this paragraph:

Zeus to Hera (his wife):
Let us lie together and turn to love making, for never yet has desire for goddess or woman so filled my heart inside me and overwhelmed it, not even when I loved the wife of Ixion, who bore Perithoos, a councilor equal to the gods, nor when I bedded Danae, the lovely-ankled daughter of Akrisione, who bore Perseus, glorious among all men, nor when I fell in love with the daughter of far-renowned Phoenix, who bore Minos and godlike Rhadamanthys, nor when I loved Semele or Alkmene in Thebes; the latter bore me the strong-hearted Heracles, but Semele bore Dionysus, who gives pleasure to men; nor when I loved queenly Demeter of the lovely hair, nor when my choice was glorious Leto, nor even yourself. So now do I desire you and sweet passion has seized me.

=.= Ooookkkaaayyy...*speechless*



Anonymous said...

that's incestS!! yucks!! n the greeks worship them as their GODS?!?!?!!! WTF!!

now u know y i study china history rather than reading up on the geeks.. i mean greeks.. :p


genieve said...

memang cacat.

but, its kinda interesting.
cause, i love all those funny names.

thats why i took "aphrodite" to my liking.

Lin said...

LOL it's so disgusting la...when I read that I was like WHAT THE....

the most appalling thing is that Zeus had the guts to tell his wife about his affairs!! *faints*

and the egyptians are very pervertic a passage, i keep coming across words like "erection", "penis" and "masturbation" =S and my friend thinks i'm pervertic because i read this kinda stuff!! yuan wang ah!!

Lin said...

gen: aphrodite?! seems most ppl like that name...=P

Anonymous said...

ok, i rephrase, those r incest+adultery they r committing! yucks!! n they call themselves god~ like that can call any ah tu ah kaw who sleeps around gods liao lo.. cheh! if im not mistaken aphrodite also very hiao n sleeps around wan.. used to like her but am now over her as soon as i find out that she's not as pure as i tot she would be.. :-S


Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA~ really?! I don't know but I THINK I came across this phrase while reading it - She had seductive breasts.

I'm so done with the assignment for this subject!! Enough of Egyptian or Greek gods!! =S