Sunday, October 07, 2007

Eventful week

Phew~ Time really does fly. A week has come and gone after my semester break!

So, what happened during the past week?

Well, let's start from Monday. Monday evening after dinner, I decided to prepare myself for uni so I flipped through my course information and to my horror, I found out that the assignment for Religions of the Ancient World is due on the 6th of October, which is 5 days from then!! I searched frantically for the books I needed on the online library catalogue and all the books I needed were on loan or on loan and requested! o.O What could I do right? All I could do was to request for all the books needed so that when the borrower returns them, I'll get them. Anyway, as easily stressed as I was, I consulted a friend who took this subject last year about what I should do. She said I could just tell the course coordinator the truth that all the books are on loan and I'm still waiting in line so that he could give me an extension. So I did what she said.

Went for Psychology lecture on Tuesday morning, I guess I slept late the night before (1am), or it could be the boring lecture, I was nodding off in class!! Tried so hard to keep my eyes opened but to no avail. -.- Managed to write some stuff down though. Considering the fact that I was so sleepy, I rushed back home to sleep for an hour and got up for lunch in time. After lunch, I prepared for my group presentation for Rhetoric and Reasons: Persuading People. As 'everyone' knows that I'm quite thrifty and that I'm saving money this semester cause I'm realised that I've been spending too much on unnecessary stuff, I walked to uni at 3:30pm. It was only when I reached uni, panic started to overwhelm me...I HATE presentations!!!! I always speak ok when I'm practising but when it comes to the real thing, my voice will shake and I'll start to stare at the ceiling and shift weights on each leg. Oh's over.

On Wednesday, after my Psychology lecture (I didn't sleep in class!! In fact I found it very interesting XD) I took the bus to the city as I have books to collect at the UniSA City East campus and the State Library and at the same time return the novels I borrowed during semester break. While waiting for the bus, I embarrassed myself -.- I was listening to music on my mobile using earphones. Usually I'll sing along to the songs I listen to but that day I just mouthed the words as I didn't want to sing out loud. That was when I embarrassed myself when the bridge of Because You Live (by Jesse McCartney) came on. Normally, bridges have a higher pitch and the background music would be more energetic so I got so high, I started singing but because I got earphones on, I couldn't hear myself. I THINK I made a high-pitched squeak cause 2 persons standing in front of me turned around and gave me a really weird look. 1 of them even had his earphones on as well. =S ARRGGGHHHHH!! All I did was pretend that I didn't know and was mouthing the lyrics away. Oh, I got my course coordinator's e-mail that day saying "Extension is fine" one sentence!

Thursday came, started to get really stressed because of the assignment and the course coordinator's reply did not help much. Extension is fine!? When's the due date?! I started that assignment that night, hoping to finish it as soon as possible even though I had an extension as I'll be having a Psychology essay due next Friday. Did not want both assignments clashing together. On the bus on the way to Mawson Lakes campus, I decided to listen to some songs to keep me awake so I plugged in the earphones. I was curious on why the music sounded so soft so I turned on the volume to max and still it was soft so I thought it was because of my bus. The man who was talking on the phone suddenly turned around and gave me this weird (or annoyed?) look. I thought he could hear my music from my earphones so I ignored him when my friend, A2 tapped my shoulder from behind and asked, "Why you turn on your..." I didn't even wait for him to finish, I plugged in the earphones properly and the music came booming in my ears! =.= The music was playing through the speakers!! No wonder that man looked at me!! Oh my goodness...What's with me and earphones!? Anyway, earlier in the day M said she was going to the post office so I asked her to help me get a postage paid envelope to post the invoice and receipt I got from seeing the GP (to claim $$$). While doing my assignment, I looked through the assignment feedback form and saw that I needed to insert this footer on every page. I wanted the footer thingy to be fixed but I didn't know how to do it so I asked around but nobody seemed to get what I meant!! Finally I gave up and went back to my room to resume my assignment. *KNOCK KNOCK* It was M!! She made my day man!! Right after I asked her about the footer thingy, she got it immediately!! Woohoo~ Then I realised I forgot to get the envelope from her. I was damn happy after getting the envelope for her, thinking to myself that I finally get to claim back the AUD46.10 I paid!! And whad'ya know?! I came back searching for the invoice and receipt but I couldn't find it anywhere in my room!! I was sooo sure it was lying on my table next to the telephone!! Oh NO!! I must've left it between the pages of the novel I returned to the State Library!! *smacks forehead* How could I be so careless?!?! This made me even more stressed!! Searched the State Library telephone number on the internet. Gotta call them first thing in the morning!!

Didn't have a good sleep on Thursday night...had a really weird dream! I had a dream that M2 was in high school with me and we took wedding pictures with the guys in our class. In the dream, I was comparing wedding pictures with M2 and she was actually very pretty in her wedding picture!! Called the State Library on Friday morning and the lady who answered my call said that they must've chucked it into the bin or something. I was devastated...$$$!! Skipped Human Physiology lecture as everything taught is in the book anyway. Called my parents to tell them about the invoice and receipt, at the same time asking them how they're doing. Hearing their voices just made me calmer and it reminded me to change my flight!! My dad said about the invoice and receipt I could just get another copy from the GP. out I went to the city, first I went to Singapore Airlines to change my flight. As I finish my exams on the 21st of November, I wanted a flight 2 or 3 days after that day so that I'd have time to pack my stuff and spend some time with my friends here before going home. In the end I settled for 25th of Nov, which is on a Sunday, so that my dad could fetch me from the airport that night as he finishes work early. So happy after changing my flight, knowing that I'll be going home soon!! Totally forgetting about the invoice and receipt, I headed to the State Library to borrow my requested books. While searching for the books on the shelves, I spotted a book at the corner of my eye!! O.O It was the book I returned!! I flipped through the pages and there it was!! Sitting nicely between the pages, untouched! WOOHOO~ I thanked God that very moment! Miracles do happen! Then, it was lunchtime but I didn't know who to have lunch with, so I sat down on the bench at Rundle Mall, going through contacts on my mobile. In the end I bought McD and had it at J's place. It was a short time, but I had fun spending time with her. Too bad we can't go home's alright...we've planned what to do when we get back!! Be afraid very afraid....XD


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