Friday, November 25, 2005

lazy post

very lazy right now...hence the short phrases

had a runny nose the whole day...
couldn't do anything...
so...i didn't study AT ALL today...
ok i ran out of things to say...GREAT

oh, i juz remembered..

i have to sleep early *sniff* good night...


kryptos said...

hmm... i used to hv runny nose after exams, not during. I call it "exam withdrawal symptom". luckily, i dun get it after stpm, even though i sleep 4-5hrs a day!

Lin Whatever! said...

actually my nose is like super sensitive! i have runny nose when :
1. there's dust around
2. it's gonna rain soon
3. i smell scents that is too strong (eg. perfume)
4. i get a chill due to strong winds
5. i'm too hot AND sweating
6. ermm...can't think of any right now...hope i don't get a runny nose when i'm sitting for my exam!! (*touch wood*)