Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BAD + SWEET dream

BAD dream :
i only scored 3 A's in my SPM! -.-"'

SWEET dream :
i received an e-mail from my crush!!!!!! i was so thrilled in that dream, i thought i was dreaming and when i woke up, i WAS dreaming! ARRGGGHHHH!!

gonna sit for moral paper this afternoon at 2pm...*sigh*


kryptos said...

moral paper is stupid!

sorry ya... just to vent my anger... ;P

Lin Whatever! said...'s ok! i think so too! *winks*

i juz came back!! i hope i get at least an A for moral! hmph!

kryptos said...

despite being a STUPID paper, i'm sure u can score an A for it! Go go go!

Lin Whatever! said...

HAHAHAHA! because it's 'stupid', i'm not sure of the answer because i ain't stupid =P
(weird sentence structure...2 'because' in one sentence =S)

kryptos said...

lol! stupid people may not be able to answer smart questions; but smart people can always answer stupid questions.

Lin Whatever! said...

oops...hehe...then i'm not sure if i'm smart enough to score moral =P