Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fresh Air!

ahhhhh...i feel alot better today!! i can breathe properly!! =D plan for today : STUDY CHEM!!

well, i have 3 more subjects till i gain my freedom....but at the back of my head, there's a voice telling me...'aiya...3 more only...juz cincai sit for those three and get them over with!' but then another voice tells me 'NO...3 hard!!' *sigh* i'm caught in between...i think i'm falling sick because of this la...can't sleep soundly at i see a panda everytime i look into the mirror...(-.-)

my conclusion?? WORK HARD!! i MUST i MUST study today!!

ok, time to have breakfast...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lim,

Received your comment on my blog -- glad you liked it! I don't mind if you visit my blog, but I'd rather you not post a link to it.

Thanks and good luck with your exams. I definitely remember what that was like!


kryptos said...

ya, towards the end of the exam, i tend to lose the oomph. sleep well, calm down and study hard! ganbate o kudasai!

Lin Whatever! said...

i definitely can't sleep well, stay calm and study hard!!!=(

i had 5 days to study bio and chem...i wasted 3! *sigh*