Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i'm soooo steaming hot right now!!

juz got off msn 'chatting' with one of the 'famous' ST's...

HMPH!now he knows how i feel when he voices pointless and rude comments to everything i say!!


i juz feel like strangling him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not sure if this happens to all the guys born in 1986 or juz him!!!

it seems to me that he has this PMS for guys!

*breathe in...breathe out...*

p/s : hmph!!! guys *rolls eyes* fai see choy ley! i wanna go study liao!! oh...if u happen to read this...yes, i am talking about U! and i never wanna msg/speak to u ever again!!


kryptos said...

hey, that ST is a disgrace of the family, u know! a total pervert! there're lots of bad things to talk about him... but am i one who talks behind ppl? anyway, juz make sure u dun bombard all ST's sekaligus because of him!

"i'm not sure if this happens to all the guys born in 1986 or juz him!!!" -- rest assured that it is just him, cos he does have PMS.

Vincent said...

aiyoo... juz ban him ler..

Lin Whatever! said...

HAHAHAHAHA~ it's good that someone finally agrees with me that he's got 'PMS'!

u're not afraid he'll see ur comment?? LOL

anyway, i'm not sending him any msgs/talk to him

kryptos said...

frankly, he does get on my nerves sometimes... especially when his "gaming-itch" starts... he'll bug us non-stop!

well... let's hope he doesn't see my comments about him! otherwise, i'll hv a taste of his "donkey punch"! (dun ask me what it is) ;P

Lin Whatever! said...

lol...but i think ur comment's safe cause he doesn't visit my blog AND he doesn't have a link to mine...=D he USED to visit my blog once a blue moon...but now..hehe..lucky me...i think he's juz plain lazy to type!